Name This Guy Day 3

Ok Sorry could not get to me oldie Books last night.

So here is a one pic with the follow:

Name this 60's,70's and 80's Pro Racer ?


He is the only person to race professionally in all forums in the usa this includes, MX, RR, DT and Desert


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Even though it doesn't look like him to me, could it be Malcolm?

Dick Mann

Originally posted by holeshot:

Dick Mann

I thought about that but couldn't place where Dick would have worn a skunk hat.


Da winner

what gave it away the Helmet

Bugsy been wearing that same hemet for years

Originally posted by EgoAhole:

Bugsy been wearing that same hemet for years

For my education, what did he ride to score the lid?

Skunk hats were/are generally reserved for a 'des Nations participant. Just curious.


They are also used as the ISDN riders for america.

I believe this is the USA designated colors

Both Mann and MAclom Smith Represented USA at one time

Not sure the year

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I would say 82' Husky

Black tank

polished spot w/gold ring = 82' Husky! :D

My dad had a 1973 Husky wr250 and that is STILL the scariest meanest bike I have ever ridden ........with maybe the exception of a YZ490!

I remember my dad said if I could start it that I could ride it.

I put my left leg up on the starter and gave it a whack!

<font color=red>Needless to say ......IT gave ME a WHACK back!!!up against the bars OUUUUCHH! :)

What a BEAST! :D


Man way Wayyyyyy offf

Look at it again real close

Its a BSA 500 Goldstar Thumper...

A real mans thumper

Sorry I was late today, actually had to get some work done! I took a photo of Dick at the Steamboat Springs, Co. AHRMA Vintage Nationals back in '93 wearing the #5 plate and that same helmet! When was the photo taken? I hope he at least rinses it out every few years!

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