Air filter screen

As a newbie to the 4 stroke scene, I am hopeful that some of you pillars of knowledge will know if it is really important to keep the metal mesh screen on the airfilter cage. Anyone? Anyone? Beuhler?

Only if you do not want you bike to go up in flames. Keep it or buy a flame proof air filter.

As said above buy a backfire proof filter, if you decide to do it i believe a yz250 filter cage will match right up instead of trying to cut out the screen.

Thanks guys----appreciate the tip as a torched YZ is not of much use!



Twin Air has the screenless cage & flameproof filter.

Yes, the YZ250 or YZ125 aircage will fit and do not have the screen. I do recommend a flame proof filter.

Yes, I have run the YZ250 cage on my 03 450 for over a year without any problems. :thumbsup:

I've run mine for 5000 miles without screen, regular UNI filter and Maxima synthetic filter oil without any problems whatsoever, so far. The impressive increase in air flow required a switch to a richer needle/MFJ...

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