Thunder Alley + Spark Arrestor

Does anyone have a Thunder Alley pipe WITH the spark arrestor installed ???

I have the pipe, which I love, and I want to have the SA installed but I'm curious as to how this will effect the power/noise.

If you have this set-up, how does it compare (noise and power) to your previous pipe or the Thunder Alley without the SA?



Bob said the SA changed nothing. I have one, (S/A) but havent put it in. Extremely curious though. I should do that this weekend. Ill report back when I get to ride it. It wont be until next week though.

Shawn, did you put in the SA? what did you think? looking at pipes and saw this post during a search....jt

Luvmy, do you think maybe the jetting could have been rich because of temp? It was awful hot last weekend, I rode out at Elsinore and my bike was fairly rich with not changing a thing.

Hey Shawn, do you run the TA headpipe as well or just the muffler. I bought the muffler only but my headpipe is a little tweaked, from before, so I'm wondering if I'm missing any power. Does the TA headpipe make a noticable increase. Just curious. Money burning a hole in the pockets...........

I have had my thunder alley for about 1.5 yrs and put the spark arrester in two wks ago for the first time. I had a tough time getting it in, had to heat with a torch to install. This is probably due to a crash that slightly bent the exhaust. I only rode for the day but the jetting should have been changed. If I wasn't just doing a day ride and then putting the straight pipe back in I would have re-jetted. Noise seemed about the same. The same low end grunt and hit was still there, just not as crisp due to jetting.

I sent my pipe back to Bob for the SA install last week. I should be getting back this week, and I'll post back about how it worked. This is of course assuming I go riding. :)


P.S. Bob said that he prefered to install the SA himself instead of letting the customer do it ??

Thats because Bob cares about how things work. He'll probably repack your silencer too. Ive been so flippn busy, I havent had time to swap mine out for the spark arrestor to find out how it works.

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