HELP, 2002 426 dumping coolant

I have a 2002 426 and it started to dump coolant out of a small hole in the case under the waterpump. I never noticed the hole befor but it is defintly a factoy hole. The hole has no threads for a screw to go in. Does anyone have any ideas why its dumping coolant out of this hole?

It's probably your waterpump shaft seal(s). Pretty easy to fix. W/P seal replacement

That small hole is a over flow hole for your coolent. It will dribble out of the hole if you have to much coolent in your rad. It's not a big deal, it will stop dribbing out when it reaches the right level. You want to make sure your coolent is just at the fins when you look into your rad from the rad cap. If it is above that it will come out that hole.


yz007f - I am not sure that you understand him. He is talking about the weap hole under the waterpump not the overflow tube coming out of the radiator.

Replace your waterpump seal like the above poster said.

If the hole is the one directly under the water pump on the joint between the pump and the case, that is in fact a sign of the water pump seal and/or shaft failing, as Dominator said. The shaft runs from the water pump, where there is one seal, across a small gap to the clutch/primary drive housing, where there is another one. The gap and the hole exist so that if the bike starts leaking either engine/trans oil, or coolant from this shaft, they will not mix with each other. Oil in your radiator is a major mess, but coolant in your engine or transmission oil is one of the worst things that could possibly happen.

I have had the exact same problem on a 2001 426F and a 2003 450F. When I'd start it after sitting for a while (a few days), the relief hole near the bottom of the water pump housing would dribble. It's like a previous poster said, it's the seal. It's an easy fix, but my fix didn't take. I personallyh think there is a rough edge that tears some seals.

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