2003 vs. 2004 YZ 450f

Well I need a new bike and I think I'm getting a YZ 450f. I can get a 2003 for cheaper than a 2004 but I was wondering, are there any drastic changes in performance? I've heard the 2003 is a little too fast and stuff but is this true? Should I go with the 2003 or 2004? Thanks.

I ride an '03 and love it. My friends have ‘04’s. I had to change the flywheel to the GYT 5 oz to keep from stalling in the corners. The suspension is adequate in stock form. It flat out rips.

The '04 comes with the heavier flywheel weight and the suspension is considerably better than the '03 (bigger better forks). Other than the Ti foot pegs and gripper seat the two bikes are the same. If you are saving less than a grand by buying the '03 then go with the '04. The $100 flywheel and the $350 suspension mods will bring the price up on the '03. Not to mention the extra $500 you will get on resale of the '04 when it's time to upgrade.

Just one opinion, I’m sure there are more.



I've ridden both on the track and didn't really notice that big of a difference in the power. I do like the suspension on the 04 a lot more. Go for the 04!

Craig :thumbsup:

I wouldn't be concerned about the power on the '03. I've heard people talk about the dramatic hit that it has and I just don't see it. I've found the power to be very friendly and manageable and I'm just an average rider. It will get up and go for sure, but nothing scary unless you want it to be!

I got an O4 about a month ago. I havent ridden an o3 but the 04 is absolutly fantastic. There is such a hudge difference from an 02 426 to the 04 450. The old suspension I had revalved wasnt as good as the stock 04 suspension.

Just a newbee perspective.


I love my 03. It has the added civility of the Dr.D 4oz flywheel, and truthfully, I think I'd like to try their 6oz, but it has never lived up to all the scary stories "they" told me about it. You know, the ones where it has too much power or hits too hard or can't be managed by mere mortals. (I'm old)(and my last bike was a CR500R, so how scared should I be, exactly)

If I had not found the bike for the price I paid for it, I probably would have gone with an 04, because most people in SoCal want $5000 for an 03, and a lot of local dealers are running periodic sales of 04's for $5300 brand squeaky new. The 04 has the heavier flywheel, much improved suspension (although the 03 is good) and hey, it's got titanium pegs. It's a better bike, so it just comes down to $$

get 04 for $5199 at www.generationmx.com they do yamaha financing if you need it. Its alot of fun pulling your bike out of the crate and putting together yourself :thumbsup:

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Directly from their website...so all those bikes they are selling are USED??? Hmmm....by whom? How do they acquire so many? What kind of place is that?

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