Help Me!!!

Just bought an 88 XR 600, this bike absolutly will not start without towing it, usually behind a wheeler. Since I've owned It I have been able to start it once by kickin it, immediatly following a new plug. After running it for maybe 15 min. I checked the plug, It was totally black. Now even with a new plug it still wont start without towing it.

What could be my issue? what can I do, try, anything. ANY ideas will be much appreciated. thanks

go through the carb completely and use new gas. also do a search for this topic here. you will find many answers to similar questions. :thumbsup:

1) take carb(s?) apart and totally clean them out. take out jets and make sure they are clear.

2) fresh gas

3) clean airfilter

4) adjust valves

5) check compression.

6) take plug out and check for strong spark.

IF everything is OK you can dig deeper. Ignition system? Air leak in manifold or air box? Timing chain stretched to far? Petcock choked up? Rats living in airbox....?

If everything is ok, then call Rob Barnum!

Here's another test related to the compression test. Get a new plug. Run the engine for a few minutes with the old plug. Immedately put in the new plug but leave the boot disconnected. Tow bike for a bit, giving it no throttle. Take new plug out. Let dry. If it looks oily, then you've got some problems...

Rats living in airbox....?


thats a great one! Anyways, it could be your piston rings, or valve guides, so you may need to open it up and change em out, if so I will post back with an instruction page on what to do. -Matt

There was a guy on here who found rats living in the airbox, and the bike wouldnt run right...!

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