Buddy is buying new bike!! what do ya think, crf or YZF!!

Hey just a quick post here want to get a little bit of opinions.....My bud is going to be buying a new bike either 426 or CRF. Price wise I have called all over the east coast and so far this is what I have found. YZF 02' model OTD in Mississippi at Lake Hill Motors for $4999. (dam wish I could have paid that). CRF for 5,957 OTD in Durham NC. The thing about the CRF is I kinda want him to get that so I can smoke him on it. The CRF is a Canadian model so it comes with a complete rebuild kit also. (piston, rings, gaskets etc. $300-400 dollar value). We can't really drive to Miss. so we would have to get it shipped and that is about 4-500 bucks. We also found out that a local dealer will let us have an 03' CRF when it comes in at 5600 otd plus tax, so it comes to about 5850. For an 03 that is pretty dam good IMO. (it is a honda though LOL) I just wonder what yall thought. I just look forward to him getting a new bike because their is no better feeling wise than having a new bike of your own. Frank


I think a cannondale :)

Unless this is a bud you wouldnt do that to

Personally either one, but I lean Blue

if he can wait say 1 - 2 months to see how reliable the 03yz is.........

honda if u like red

yamaha if u like blue

I say get whatever you can get a good deal on. Both bikes will be a great deal of fun to ride. The $$ saved can be used to fix the shortcomings of either one.

yes i do agree about a 1st year model. Even though it will probably be nearly the same except for cc's and wait. I wonder if they do have auto decompression if they will make a retrofit kit for 02's and prior?? Just a thought. I want him to get one now but that's just me. I am definitely an impulse buyer. When I want something I will do just about whatever it takes to get it. Time wise I had that 93' KX250 for years and one day I just said Fu#$% it! I am tired of working on this two smoke junk (old Junk) I can't even say how much of a better rider I have become because of this bike of mine. Right now I am looking into trying to find a dual sport for around $2-3k and I will get one if I can find away to fit it in to my budget. one man can never have to many toys!! I mean dam if I could afford a new dual sport it would be the BMW f650gs Dakar that we have sitting on our showroom floor. I can get it at cost but hell it is still almost $8,000 dollars. Anybody got any old KLX650's or klr250's laying around? Need to buy a used one not a new one. "yes that's right frank, used not new, used not new, you are already in enough debt!!" LOL LOL Either way my bud needs to make up his mind on a YZF or CRF. Price wise it looks pretty much the same and for under $6k for the top of the line dirtbikes on the market ain't bad!! Frank

Well from what my friend says the verdict is in. He will be purchasing an 03' Crf 450 for something like $5,820 out the door. Dam that is a good price for an 03'. I got a quote from a dealer in NC for like $6790 otd for an 02 CRF. Can't wait till he gets it. Finally some competition (at least at my track) Everyone have a safe weekend! Frank :)


Now ya got the best of both worlds

Ride yours act sad

let your buddy say

hey try mine

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