Seized Clutch Bushing

Well here is a quick update for those of you who had been following:

Seized my clutch bushing to the Clutch Basket. Was able to separate the two using heat and ice- literally. I was also able to save the basket ("inner clutch" in Honda speak) by grinding the galled areas down and polishing the inner surface with a dremel tool and metal polish. Waiting for the updated bushing- should be here on Thursday. Total cost of the repair should be about $30.00 including oil. Wish me luck!



I am following your story and I'm sure BigTony hopes to have some good luck with his clutch bearing removal. Thanks for the update.

I just replaced mine in my 01 leftover at 250 miles. Glad I did! The outer edge where the two new lubrication holes are in the updated bushing were gaulded from wear.


I had a similar experience on my '01 as well. The top edge was showing signs of binding/wear. Thanks to warnings from the Yahoo XR650R Group a little PM saved me a big headache.

Im starting to lose patience! I get the basket off using a puller and torch and istead of the basket coming off intact the damn steell center part of the basket (looks like a gear) stays stuckto the bushing and the bushing stuck to the shaft. Now i have a thick steel gear looking piece thats supposed to be part of the basket stuck in the way of any efforts to free the bushing from the shaft. Its been 5 days since I last had one, but I thinks its time I refill my zoloft prescription!!! What do I do now? :thumbsup:

Can you post a picture on photobucket and give us the URL?


Your just going to have to start using ever increasing agressive methods of getting the gear off. Again, use heat- propane first and then maybe an oxy-acetylene torch. At some point you'll probably have to accept the fact that the main shaft if going to be replaced. But first, since the basket is toast, try getting that wheel puller on to the gear and heat it up good and start cranking.

Disclaimer: Your on your own- solicit as much advice and counsel as possible before you bring in the heavy artillery. :thumbsup:


My new bushing came in today! Reassembled the clutch with some modification- I drilled additional oil holes in the outer clutch basket(not the one that had the galling) I drilled six new 1/8" holes- each one being at the junction between the fiber and metal clutch plates. This is exactly where the existing holes are located- I just doubled the number of holes and spaced them out so now each plate has an oil hole approx 180 degrees from the original. (Both XR's Only and SRC recommend this procedure.)

Assembled the rest per the shop manual. The bike as good as new!- for now. I was only able to test ride it on my neighborhood streets. I'm taking it out on Saturday for a proper thrashing. Will let you know how it goes.


Post deleted by BIGTONY

Goodluck to ya BigTony. :thumbsup:

I shouldn't complain about my frustrating efforts to reinstall a toilet in the kids bathroom only to find the tank has a hairline fracture when someone like yourself is struggling with the important stuff. :awww:

Are you going to try cooling the shaft at the same time in order to get the best results?

Damn that's a big drawing. :thumbsup:

If the clamp idea doesn't cut it, take the bike to someone with a welder and have them weld two chunks of metal onto that bushing. Bring your puller and yank it off right there... :awww:

:awww: I got the damn thing off using the pipe hangers and a torch :thumbsup: I didnt have anything to cool the shaft, but it worked anyway. That made my day knowing a $2.00 contraption I devised from plumbers parts helped me save BIG$$$ The Shaft looks pristine. The bushing shows the same binding on the outer edge mentioned by other victims. I went to the dealer and ordered a new bushing. I tried to get the bushing out of the gear thingy using the same puller, but it wouldnt budge even with me putting a rolled up paper towel I soaked and left in the freezer into the bushing center. I would probably have more success if I had a way to hold the puller in place while I tighten the ratchet. I tightened the hell out of the puller until the jaws poped off the gear twice(much more torque exerted than it took to get it off the shaft) Anyway I cant complain the shafts intact and the dealer mechanic said he'd press the bushing out using a 40ton press for $20. With the burnt bushing out I can return the gear to its rightful place in the center of the basket(simutaneously saving me the $276 for a new basket) Any body using mobil one for bikes in their xr650l? I was thinking of using some sort of synthetic oil to keep the new bushing slick as possible. Any advice on polishing the parts prior to reassembly? Thank you honda gods for being gracious to me today :lol:

p.s. sorry about the enormous image , I didnt realize I blew it up so much :lol: :lol: ;):mad::usa::lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Glad to hear you worked it out :thumbsup:

WAY TO GO !! That's awesome!

Is the gear and the basket salvageable- The 650R's gear/basket looks like you would have to destroy either part to get the two to separate.

Also, does anyone know if the updated bushing for the 650R also applies to the "L" model - Or does the "L" model have it's own updated bushing?


I have to tell ya that I had my doubts about your pipe hanger clamp being strong enough to do the job. Very happy that you have had $$$$ saving success and now you have bragging rights for an innovative repair technique. :thumbsup:

If the new bushing is the same as the old, you may want to do what Paul did (ref his Update 4 message).

Take care and watch out for those vertical wheelies :awww:

Hmm, seeing all these clutch probs reminds me of something I read in my '94 XR650L owner's manual. Something about never letting the engine run with the clutch pulled in and in neutral? Hmm... wonder what's up with that.

Glad you got that bushing off though. One last thing, if you have a honda service manual you should measure the shaft diameter with a micrometer... just to make sure it's within tolerance. :thumbsup: Would hate for something to happen again!

Ill know for sure if the basket is salvagable once I get the bushing out of the gear, and see how the inside of the gear looks after being seized. The part#'s for the bushing for the 650r & 650L are different, and it appears the 650r bushing is shorter than that of the 650L. Im going by the images provided on, and at the dealers computer. Im going back to the dealer and ask him to cross reference the bushing part#'s of the earliest model 650L and the latest 650L to see if the part has changed. I tried this on bike bandit, but their system seems to be missing certain years of the 650L. Unless honda didnt sell them during those model years? The dealer mechanic seems to know his stuff so Im going to ask him if he has the equiptment to remove a little material from the new bushing so its not such a tight fit. Who knows? his brother in law has the 40 ton press, maybe he has this equiptment too. Im going to go have a look at my clutch inner/ outer to see if the 650L's have these oil holes described, if so i think ill get the drill out and drill more while im at it! :thumbsup:


whats your update after taking the bike out and beating on it? Good as new, or better I hope!! :awww::thumbsup::lol:

Well I THRASHED the bike in the tightest, rockiest, hardest ride yet- about 40 miles in tight woods- lot's of clutching. I did an oil change when I replaced the bushing and went from Mobile 1 20-50 to Honda 20-50 HP semi-synthetic (no moly). The bike performed flawlessly! In fact, it's now apparent that the clutch was dragging a bit prior to failure- it was very subtle and I didn't really realize it was happening until of course it did. :thumbsup:

Taking it out again this weekend - I'll let you know how it goes!


PS - I smoked a CRF450 in a hill climb :awww:

Hey! I was wondering if there is a clutch bushing replacement that is better than others. I think I saw one on the XR's Only website. Honda offers the 671 (last digits of part number). Is there one recommended above others? Wassup? Any tales of glory or woe out there?

2000 650R, Cork popped, Full FMF Titanium 4,

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