Seized Clutch Bushing

About enlarging the bushing diameters, I'd strongly suggest against doing that. Additional oil holes would probably be ok, especially oriented with the rotation of travel as to "scoop" up more oil when spinning. But if the bushing is too sloppy in any way, it could wobble or "oscillate", causing the same problem or worse. These bushings likely fail not because of being too loose or tight, but because they don't get enough oil and seize from heat buildup.

In one of the other posts, a gentleman said he used Castrol GTX and later a good synthetic motor oil and his bushing looked near perfect after thousands of miles. Another said there was wear evident at 120 miles. Could it have been the oil?

I'm only going to run ultra-premium oil in my BFP. Mobil red cap or Delvac-1 seem to be the best choices. You know what they say... an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. :thumbsup:

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