Tag ....vs.....Renthal

out of the 7/8" bars. What do you prefer between TAG and Renthal? Does one brand have a strength advantage?

[ May 31, 2002: Message edited by: Yak ]

All I can say is that I have gone down several times with my Renthal Fat Bars and they have never bent. I don't know about the Tag's..

I'm running the renthal fat bar with the tag adapters to make them fit the stock triple clamp.

It also helps out that they raise the bars alittle higher,helps out if you are a taller rider. I think the fat bar is the same as pro-tapers just with a different name on them. I've had pro-tapers and can't tell the difference!

Have tag bars cr-hi bend and the riser mounts. changed the entire ergonomic position. I have layed the bike down a few times since, not hard, but have had no damage or tweaking.


Pro Taper!

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