Support for the feminine Side of MX

I met the gal that runs that site, her name is Michelle, she's pretty cool. She was at Elsinore the day I demo'd my Thunder Alley pipe. Even she liked the pipe! :)

There is even a few "Hotties" in the rider profiles.......great site! :)

pic of my wife on her YZ

tracy at RPMXt1.sized.jpg

[ May 31, 2002: Message edited by: LOOPOUT ]

Those chix are cool!!!!

Loopout Noway thats your wife

You said that to make every married dude in here envious

it aint gonna work

it aint gonna work

it aint gonna work

My wife wont even go into a bike shop with me she sits in the truck. I figure I go the mall with her and sit in the truck so were even :)

yup.. thats her on her 125.. notice the lil pony tail... haha... we just had a baby 6 weeks ago & she is just starting to ride again but after a year off she is going kinda slow like me :)

here she is again kx.gif


So tell us the part on how she stuffs your butt in the corners :)

Thats awsome, I can not wait for my daugter to start riding with me. Her and I are going out tomarow for some training runs in the kiddie arean at the hills

well on the day that 2nd pic was taken in Houston at Highlands mx there was a big burm & Jeff Dement was there & she took him high in the berm (on accident) LOL it was kinda scary & funny at the same time watching that.. he just gave her a RC lookback & hammered on...

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