Best Chest Protector/Roost Deflector?

What is the "best" roost deflector on the market today? Seems like the Thor After Shock and the Fox AirFrame seem like they are the most popular. Any opinions and best place to purchase.

I like the Fox Airframe because the shoulders are suspended and back is long enough to provide some protection for your lower back.

Wow.. I am suprised so few people have wrote back on this one.

I personally love the thor scattershield its great. Its some compact you can wear it under your jersey and get that factory pro look( Chade Reed, DV, and a few others) with great protection.

My personal fav is the Troy Lee unit. Very stout and lots of protection. From what I have seen at work it fits many different body shapes better than some of the other brands out there.

I've got a Fox Air Frame that I like very much. It fits me well and offers a reasonably good amount of protection.

Go to a dealership and try both on--it's really the only way to tell what's going to fit you. Also, when trying on the chest protector, try on a helmet, too. Some chest protectors hamper head movement with a helmet on so pick what fits you best.

Well I tried on the Thor Force and the Fox Air Frame and Fox R3 plus a bunch of other cheaper ones. Well after 45 mins of trying them on I went with the Air Frame. I thougth it gave me the best fit and over all protection. It was a toss up between the Force and the Air Frame. I think the Air Frame give better protection for the shoulders. It does not have the mesh that the force has. It also has more bio foam as well. Still not sure if I am going to keep the bicept protectors. I rode with it Sunday for 3 hours and it felt like I did not even have one on. So I have the FOX AIR FRAME a big :thumbsup: I got it for $109 before tax at my local dealer and it is the 2004 model. I know it is supposed to only deflect roost. But I hope it might help keep me from breaking ribs from a handle bar or internal injuries possible. I know it will not save me in all cases. But it should help reduce how bad they could have been.

if you want one for protection get the acerbis zoom or zoom 2 chest protector, it has probably the best protection and fits great. if you want one that looks really cool but something else!!!

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