any suggestions?

riding was great last weekend accept it was a little ruff on my bike.i managed to bust right handguard,brake raptor clutch perch,smashed back brake lever,tore front fender off and put hole in pipe.any have any ideas on how i can fix pipe?i would use air pressure accept as you can see there a hole in pipe.i would hate to buy a new pipe.pipe2.jpg

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Weld it up then use the air pressure. Heat and air pressure seems like the deal there.

Question: What did you hit and is it still alive?

i thinking about welding up hole before i pulled dent,but my only concern is weld will keep dent from popping out.


your right , welding or brazing would only harden the area around it and make it a bear to get out (The Dent)

If you have access to a good tourch Accetlin you can work it out by heating it to a amber and gently pulling it back out.

Making a plug to into it is a wise thing. I mean plug like a sheet rock wing that is folds out. You can easly slide one in with the screw attached heat until orange and pull. Once complete unscrew the butterfly let it slide out and weld a plug into it or patch.

motoman has a article on hs site for presurizing the tube to pop it out

All this of course with the pipe off the bike

Good luck :)

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a molley bolt is a good idea.its worth a try.i was thinking of cutting away dented section and patching it.i have arcwelder but pipe is very thin ill have to get some light brassing rod and hope i dont burn through.i dont have much experience welding stainless steel.

Braze will hold up, for awhile

the best would be to get it tig welded. It is stainless and takes alot of heat Controled to weld. ARC would not do anything but burn holes and make an awfull mess. If you had a mig you could do a better job then a braze.

If I had a Tig I would offer to do it, but I dont so I wont. Times like these I wish I did have a tig again,,,,

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OK, don't laugh at this, because it was not my idea, but friend did it on my bike and it worked.

1. Make 2-3 straight marks on pipe about 1" long around the diamater of pipe where the hole is.

2. cut pipe in 2 peices, make sure cut is centered over the hole

3. now you have easy access to to remove all dents ect..

4. Line up straight marks and weld

Again, don't laugh. I would never do this myself, but I have seen it done very well if the welder knows what he is doing

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i think i might drill hole on opposite side of dent and use small punch to push out dent i already have to weld 1 hole so 1 more cant hurt

Get a slide hammer or take it to a body shop with one.

Good luck,


New Pipe

SHould be able to plug that with tig.

May need a weld shop to heat and pull the dent though. Looks easly repairable

Thats my$4.26

i fixed pipe used heat and slidehammer then welded patch over hole. pipefix.jpg i think i solved any chance of this happening again.i welded 2 nuts on pipe and made this pipeguard so hopefully no more dents or burnt pants. mypipeguard1.JPGpipeguard2.jpg

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Hey Freestyle, unless you know how to weld VERY WELL it may be worth your while trying to find a professional welder. My Dad is a professional welder and i have quite a bit of experience and to weld stainless perfectly is very hard. If you do weld it make sure that when your welding that it sound like bacon cooking if not adjust your temp setting. Be sure you have the correct rod #, and the 426 header may be some sort of alloy but im not 100% shure, that would make it an even bigger pain in the butt. hope i helped.

peace out. Oh yeah, ill ask my Dad what kinda rod he would use and then ill get back to you.

i already fixed it.pipe was stainless steel i used wirefeed tig to weld patch over hole.after i pulled dent with slidehammer

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