HELP! 00' 426 carb not going back together right

Lets start with the fuel screw. I bought a Scott's t-handle a few months ago and installed it with no issues, I thought it was strange when I took the stock one out and didn't see an o-ring or spring. I figured they were stuck in there and didn't think twice about them. All was fine, the screw installed fine and had good tension just like stock.

Today I was installing a new main and pilot jet. I removed the t-handle fuel screw, removed the bowl, removed the main and plastic thing and finally removed the stock pilot. I turned the carb over, shook a little and a spring, o-ring and washer came out. Problem is I didn't see where they came from, but according to the manual the only place they could have was from the fuel screw hole.

I continued on replacing the jets and re-assembling the carb with the spring, o-ring & washer going in the fuel screw hole but the screw has no tension whatsoever! It just tightens up with no tension at all.

What went wrong?

Where does that damn spring, o-ring & washer go?


Next problem: the stock main was labeled a 162S (I think it said S) and the new one said 158DG (or something with 2 letters,not the same as stock) It looked identical, but didn't snug up like the stocker. It actually started setting into the needle jet and started stripping brass. I'm assuming the shop gave me the wrogn jet, right?

I'm supposed to ride Wednesday and of course this has to happen :thumbsup:

The spring, washer and o-ring go on the idle mixture screw. They go on in that order with the o-ring nearest the tip.

Just like the pic's?

Is that the only spring/washer/o-ring in there? whats happened to my poor carb......

Does it matter that there's no tension on the slide?

Just like the pics. If theres no tension you might want to stretch the spring a little. Otherwise it may vibrate out while your riding - not good. As far as the main jet goes I've seen the S designation but never the DG. When you say there is no tension on the slide are you saying it doesn't spring closed?

Hi, I'm Brandon and I'm a dumbass!

funny you mention about the spring tension, cause I was just coming here to report that I stretched the spring at it feels great now. I must have compressed it on my initial installation attempt!?!?!?

Thank you anyway!

Ignore my comment about the slide, it works fine. I was taking a shot-in-the-dark about my fuel screw problem hoping the carb not being connected to the throttle cables and the cables not supplying tension might have been my problem, but it wasn't. So I need a new main and I'm good to go on Wed.

PBDBLUE, thank you very much!

No problem. Come to think of it I think I had to stretch the spring a bit when I installed my Zipty screw. I guess the tolerances on these aftermarket screws are not the same as the stock one. Glad everything worked out for you.

For future referance, you don't have to remove the whole bowl to change your jets. Just remove the large bolt head from the bowl and your jets are right there. If I recall it's a 17mm. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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