Need Help with a 99 YZ 400 Throttle cable (Quick)

I have ran into a big problem. And I need to find out what to do cause I want to go riding this weekend. One of the adjustment screws on the end (Carb end) of the throttle cable assembly broke in half. So I ordered a new stock throttle cable assembly part # (5BE-26302-01-00) and it is about 2 inches short. WHY? I adjusted the screw all the way out and no go. The cable I took off of there had a part # of (05-0245-05-11)but the person I bought it from said it was an aftermarket and no idea who made it. I did a parts search and come up with nothing. Any ideas? Also what do you use to lube the cable etc when putting it back together. It looks like it had graphite or something in there.

I am sure you have done this, but make sure you are routing the cable properly.

Yes it is routed properly. Does anyone know of any place that makes custom throttle cables?

Motion Pro and TerryCable both make custom cables. They will even have them in stock probably. Did you bike the bike used? Does it have the bar clamps higher and farther forward than stock? That would be the only reason I can think of that the original cable would be too short unless it is routed wrong.

Check the stock number on the new cable.... Sounds like a 426 cable to me..... I did that once before at a race....

Bonzai :thumbsup:

So there is a difference between the 426 and 400 cable? I thought that "nothing" changed between the 400 and 426. I mean - it's basically the same engine...

The 426 cable is about an inch and a half shorter. I was really bummed when I snapped one at practice during a GPG race and my spare cable was for my back up bike, which I just happened to leave at the house for the weekend.

Bonzai :thumbsup:

According to the stock # it is a 400 cable. I am going to go do some shopping today and see if I can find a replacement. I did put on some new risers. They go up 1 1/2 in and forward 3/4in. But the aftermarket cable I took off still works. It's the stock one that is to short. The aftermarket one is broken though.

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