Dirt Track Guru's name these

Pic 1: All legands of Dirt Track 70's & 80's


Pic 2: Who Rode It Three Riders


Pic 3: Should be easy


#1- Kenny Roberts, Rick Graham, Mert Lawill, Dick Mann, Gene Romero??????

#2- Kenny Roberts, he said the thing was scary fast and didn't the AMA outlaw it?

#3- Bubba Shobert?

Total Guesses :)


Bill Come on now I thought you would be on this one.....

Ya got Roberts correct in the first and second

But the second who else rode the beast

and the Roberts quote was

"They dont pay me enough to ride that thing, the ama should ban it"

After the indy Mile

Only two reply's mine and Bill

Come on Guys these are easy

[ June 01, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

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