Thought it couldn't happen to me!!!

Was riding last Tuesday afternoon, comming out of a corner, on the 426 gas, when all of the sudden the bike skidded (rear wheel locked up), looked back, thought the chain may have come off. Sure enough it did, looked even further back- no sprocket! Rear hub bosses brock off, sprocket now bent and in two pc's. O-Ring chain tweaked. Sprocket was a Renthal.

WHAT WENT WRONG! any sugestions?

Chain may have been too tight some time on your bike. Too tight chains WILL destroy the rear hub, as the suspension compresses.

Hey, i know how ya feel. I had just landed a jump at Silver Lake sand dunes and the exact same thing happened to me. Was stranded for about 2 hours in the middle of the dunes.

I have been looking for a used rear hub or even a complete wheel. If you find a source for used parts for newer bikes, let me know. Thanks, and i'll do the same, but ive been having a hard time finding one.

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