aluminum frame for '05?

i was with my best buddy a couple of months ago when he bought his new 2004 wr450 and the dealer told us that they had just gotten word that yamaha was going to put an aluminum frame on the 450's for '05!

has anyone else heard this?

since it looks like honda wont build a crf450x for a couple of years i would definatly buy an '05 wr450 if it had an aluminum frame! :thumbsup:

The only thing I have every seen was a 125 with an aluminum frame in one of the MX mags about 6 months ago. Rumored to be 05 bike, but no confirmation.

Working at a Yamaha dealer, I have heard of no such rumors to date. Doug Dubach is/was doing the testing but could release no info about the bikes beyond "they are fast".

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