Mammoth Mt anyone?

I'm heading up to Mammoth Mt for the annual MX races and was wondering if anybody else is going or has been there. I haven't ridden my bike above 5000 feet yet so I'm lookin' for some jetting specs to try at Mammoth. Alot of the guys I have talked to said they don't change the jetting from stock, they just buy the oxygenated fuel they have up there. Any comments or suggestions???


02 YZ426

i rode dodgeridge area last weekend i was between 4500 and 5500ft. weather was clear mid80' these conditions i usually have to drop a size or 2 with my main bike ran pretty good[maybe a tad rich on the bottom]with 178mj,48pj,dvp.nj 4thclip,pilotscrew also running a p38 on carb

Good luck at the races PK.

Thanks for the replies. Did ya sell your 400 yet DPW? I haven't, it's gathering dust. I just can't bear to part with it at what I guess is the current market value. How's your dog doing?


I raced at 4000 ft a couple weeks ago and made no changes to the stock jetting and ran 91 octane pump fuel. Bike ran excellently. I'm also heading to Mammoth and I'm bringing a few extra main jets just in case. But nothing more than that. I've been reading up in the archives on TT and it appears that at most, I'll drop down 1 on the main jet.

We'll see.?.

Have fun.



I'm gonna do the same as far as dropping one size on the main. I plan on leaving the pilot jet alone, maybe tinker with the fuel screw a little. Have you been there before? Have you heard about the oxygenated fuel they sell there? I guess that's the hot ticket to make the bikes run good.


Nope, haven't been before, first time.

As far as oxygenated fuel (here in CA isn't it all oxygenated?) I've heard rumors of running other fuels but I'm just not up on that stuff. I'll take pump fuel with me and may also buy some fuel up at Mammoth.

And yeah, I'll also mess with the fuel screw a bit too.



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