Need help for mods

Have just bought a NEW 02 WR426 and want to do al the free mods and have also put on a new GYT-R muffler,and geared 13/52. Have done the throtle stop and air box What Next!!!

How should I jet the carbie and what is best between yz timing and the cam mod. :thumbsup:

Hi Nathan, welcome to TT...

For your conditions, you may want to go with the 450 Cam mod (which will give you YZ timing anyway) and then start working with the jetting - did you get the spares kit with the bike? Drop in the 165 Main and get the YZ OBELN needle from the dealer - that should get it jetted better to get the benefit from the better breathing pipe...

Apart from remove the airbox lid and snorkel, that is about all you can do to the Australian models.



Thanks for the welcome David,Good guess it was me...

As I said I'm not much of a mechanic so is this mod easy enough to do with only half a brain? lol

I did get the standard 160 jet along with the 170 and another bit that is 38.

So I'll give it a go and let you know how it all goes.

If you have any other suggestions, I'm all ears.


Nathan. :thumbsup:

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