WR's and road use?

Ive heard that with the WR's there isn't any cushioning on the gearbox and will tear it appart when used on road. I ocassional will have to ride a couple of KM's on the road to get to the next ride spot.

Just wondering if there is any mod that i can do to my 450? And whats every ones thought on it?

well i have over 2,000 miles on the road with my Wr450. i spend 95% of my time on the road on her and i havent had any problems.

I dont really take it easy either, lots of wheelies! :thumbsup:


I wanted to follow up with you on your post on the other TT site. Just before it went away, I posted a message to you on your oil changes. Although some folks were saying you needed to put oil in the frame through the dipstick hole. The manual for the 450 does not state that. It states to fill the crank case. I have an 03 WR450 and my son's 04 YZ250F. I change the oil on both and have never put oil in the frame. You put the oil in the crank case, start, let it idle for a few minutes (during which check the bolt on the right side for pressure), then shut it off and check your oil level. :awww:

Do you have a manual for your bike? :thumbsup:

Anyway, hope that helps with your previous post and problems. If I can be of any help, don't hesitate to send me a PM. :lol:


Thanks TW, I was a bit annoyed about loosing that post, I thought the subject was gone forever.

I just got the manual yeaterday :awww: so all is good.

Was a little confused cause i rang up the previouse owner and he said he filled it up through the little hole in the frame.

But it makes sense now


I ride my 450 on the road all the time. I'm over 2600 miles now with no problems. :thumbsup:



How many of those are road miles?


I would say about a third are paved road miles. Most of my riding is from my driveway so it involves paved roads, dirt roads and single track all in a day of riding.


so in other words, "don't stress" :thumbsup:

3400 miles, 98% onroad, 50% of that on the back tire only :awww:

No problems here :thumbsup:

60% of the 2500 miles I did last year were on the road. No problems here. :thumbsup:

I use the clutch to change down gears on pavement, just to ease the chunks taken off the back knobbies by the bitumen, but apart from that, no problems here... :thumbsup:


I always use the clutch on the road. To shift and to downshift, both.

Thanks for the input guys, I think Im just stressing too much, This bike is the best thing thats happened to me (other than my wife of course :awww:)

and i want to look after her :thumbsup:

I have 4000km on my dualsported YZ 426, half of that are on-road. No problems here. Frequent oil changes and lots of clutch finesse to keep it smooth. Original clutch too (I checked the plate thickness two weeks ago - well within spec to my suprise) :thumbsup:

I've put over 8000 Kms (5000 miles) about 40% paved roads, 40% gravel and 20% dirt with no problems whatsoever. It's good to keep the chain on the slack side, always use the clutch and synchronize gears. Amsoil synthetic helps too.

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