ktm LC4???

I am looking for a new bike, and I have 3 in mind. They are a wr400, a '98 ktm 400, and a '98 ktm 620sx. My question is, how does the yamaha compare to the ktm's in terms of power? I would imagine that the yamaha is faster than the ktm 400 but slower than the 620. Is this true? If that is true, how much slower/faster are the ktm's? Does anybody know the hp ratings for the ktm's? How reliable are they?


Phil, currently I own a WR400 as well as a 400EXC LC4. The Yamaha is a lighter bike and feels like it has a little more horsepower. The KTM is very reliable and starts MUCH easier than the Yamaha. I have a friend with a 620 and that is a big horsepower bike. The quality of the KTM is way better than the Yamaha. My KTM is for sale only because it is a heavier bike than the Yamaha which makes a big difference on the technical trial riding that I like to do. If interested email me. Eric


98 WR400 "Strokerized"

97 EXC400

94 RMX250

the KTM will be the old model. the new leccy start model only came out last year. if you are comparing a Y2K yam to the old katoom; the yam is a better bike apparently.

i'm not too hot on KTM's so someone tell me. i thought an LC4 was a one-off engine for rally raids etc?


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I think my biggest issue with the KTM is the price of their replacement parts.. Call a KTM dealer and ask how much a piston is for your model in question..

Fellas, some KTM parts may cost more than Japanese parts and some Japanese parts may cost more than KTM parts, generally they even out. People that complain about KTM part availability and cost generally have never owned a KTM, they are just speaking on old rumors. Also, KTM pistons cost more than Japanese pistons because they are forged not cast. I currtently own an LC4 KTM and a WR. The only reason the Yamaha gets ridden is because it is a lighter bike. My Yam will be sold toward the end of 2002 to be replaced by a KTM 520EXC.

Phil, if you need a light bike go with the Yam, if you want a bike for open riding go with the LC4 because it is much more forgiving and stable at high speed.


98 WR400 "Strokerized"

97 EXC400

94 RMX250

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