Subframe Bent ...HELP

Anyone know how much a subframe costs for a 02yz426. Just took a real close look after a wreck last week and the fender is offset to the left side about 3/4" to 1".

Has anyone straightened a subframe if so How?


That is a common problem. Loosen the (4)bolts that attach the subframe, the exhaust, and maybe the airbox. Then you can probably reposition it with your hands and retighten it. If not just use a long 2X4 or steel pipe to straighten her out. BTW get somebody to hold the bike while you do this. Cya :):D

Originally posted by Fastest1:

Then you can probably reposition it with your hands and retighten it.

Reposition the frame, with your hands ?

Ranger 426F,

I did the same thing last weekend, when someone bone-head landed on the back of my bike and bent the sub-frame down on the left side. So what I did to fix mine was take it to my friend's shop who is mechanic at a car dealership. We positioned the floor lift over the rear wheel, lightly resting on the tire. This was just to hold the bike down. We than got a floor jack and positioned it on top of the lift and under the bike sub-frame on the left side and just jacked the frame up. Worked like a charm. In your case with the frame just being bent to the right like Fastest1 said a long crow bar, 2X4, or steel pipe would probably do the trick

I made a home made contraption. I got two piece of about 3 ft threaded pipe from Lowe's. I got a joiner piece to screw the two pieces together. Then I got a bolt and "chain hook." (The hook from the end of a chain.) I drilled a hole up probably about 10" or so from one side. (Don't measure this, just judge what you feel will give you the best leverage.) Take the seat and fender off and then the little rubber stoppers from the end of the subframe. Put the hook from the bar in the hole at the end of the subframe. The end of the bar should rest on the cross member that connects the subframe just behind the airbox. Then get somebody to hold or stand on the bike and start bending.

The stock subframe from Ya is over $300. There is a company that makes them after market for about $179. I can't remember the name of them off the top of my head. If you don't find the name, you can call Brewer Cyle Sales in Henderson, NC. Asked to speak to Crick. You can get the number from info. If you have problems, email me at I don't have the number here but at work.

Off to the races!!!! Good luck.

tHanks alot,

good info to know will try the crowbar Idea first. it'snot bent to bad. $300.00 what the hell we better learn how to tig weld.

Thanks guys

I wouldn't buy the stock sub-frame, go for the Titanium Subframe from YOT for 390.96, it's stronger than stock. If you go the new route.

Yamaha of Troy

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