Hot Start Problem...............I don't think it works............

Here is a little back ground. Bought the '03 450 used. When you pull the hot start it just pulls back and stays, then you have to manually move it back to the off position. Two weeks ago during my first race in 6 years, I pulled the hole shot, was in 1st for one lap and then was 2nd when I fell/got taken out. Ok, it was muddy and I bumped into someone and fell. :thumbsup: It took me 30-45 seconds to get the dang thing started. Needless to say I was in last. Had to just lay the throttle wide open to get it started. I did have the hot start pulled. The bike does flood real easy. I was told that it was jetted up because the person before me had a DR. D pipe on it. It has the stocker on it now.

I unscrewed it from the carb, but I didn't pull it out because the manual is very vague on how to remove it. How do you take the hot start out of the carb and what should I do to check to see if it is working correctly. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Unscrew it and pull it straight up. Spray it with silicone all the way around. Replace. You may have to press it in gently with a flat-head screwdriver to get the o-ring into the hole. Do it gently and evenly and be sure to keep it as straight-up-and-down as possible. Should work properly now. :thumbsup:

Welcome back to racing!

With the bike ideling pull the hot start. If working the RPM's should rise.

I'll try these tonight and let you know. :thumbsup:

OK. Pulled it out. Lubed up the cable. I checked the plunger that the cable attached to. It seems to be frozen up. So will just come lubercation like silcon or WD40 work?

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