Anyone going to holister tomorrow

I will be riding there with a couple buddies.If you see a blue ford lightning stop and say hello.



I will be there with my daughter and son.

Will be at the kiddie coral far end from the store

Yeah that is where i park by the pit stop.Hope to meet you.

I should be there about 10. I am training the daughter today not sure if I am bringing the bike. I will be at the lil riding area just right of the exit of the pit stop store

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We was there Did not see the truck :)

I was there from 10am-530pmin the pit stop parking area About 100ft from the restroom.It is getting pretty dusty already.

Oh well maybe we can meet another time.


We cut out about 1:30 and hung at the TT track for some reminising of last weeks bail :)

Sorry we missed you, we should be back next week end

I tell you what I am going to sit in front of the Flat Track and wait to see Ego goin at it against all of the XR100s. Man that had to be the funniest video especially when you came out of the corner passing all of the XRs. I dont think I have ever seen that many XRs on the track at one time.

I will be up at Hollister next weekend so maybe I will see you guys out on the trails.

I said I might, Now that depends on a lot of butt kissing between now and then. See me wife has this thingy that she does, Yall know that thingy, that stops us dead in our tracks when we have planned for something else.

Its that look and that dang blasted answer Its ok honey do what you want :)

Man thats the sign of, if you do, your next job will be singing tenor :D

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