03 honda xr 650 l

i need help finding the exact parts needed for the smog pump removal and rejetting. i currently run a white bro e- series pipe. i would appreciate any help

i need help finding the exact parts needed for the smog pump removal and rejetting.

Do a web search for "XR650L IMS smog block off kit," or go to Baja Designs web site. Baja Designs repackages the IMS kit. They also (as well as lots of other places) sell the jets. Since you're running an aftermarket pipe and air filter, try a 155 main jet, a 55 slow (pilot) jet, and back out the pilot screw (bottom of the carb) 2 1/2 to 3 turns out. Works great on my 98, less filling, too. :thumbsup:

XRs Only sells a inexpensive smog block off kit. I have the same jetting as Dual Dog, with a Super Trapp IDS2 quiet core pipe as well. It works great with this setup. I had a 162 in and all it did was decrease my gas mileage. :thumbsup:

I got mine from Baja Designs. It is simple to install if you READ the instructions first and then do the deed. You will need to re-route some vacuum lines so read carefully and you will be done in no time. The cheapest way round the jetting issue is to get genuine Keihin jets. $5 for a main and $3 for an idle jet. Depending on your altitude I would try: sea level-55 idle/158 main 2,500 feet- 52 idle/155 main 4,000 feet - stock idle (50)/155 main The last is what I am running at 4,300 feet and I am very happy. Pull your snorkel off right now! It is free so don't argue. :thumbsup:


The BajaDesigns part # is 155001 - Smog Block Off Kit - XR650L, for $20.95. Installation is pretty straight forward after you read the instructions a couple of times. It also helps to have a service manual for terminology purposes. My sig gives you my mod selections.

Fun Ridin'! :thumbsup:

Mike in KC

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