yz400 wheel on 426 question

Just got a quick question. Any help is appreciated. I have a chance to get a 99' complete Yz400 wheel. Will it fit on my 426?

Normally i would say no... but im in a dilemma. All the parts numbers are same except the hub. Even the swingarm, axle, and all the bolt parts are the same. Same rim, same everything except the hub.

So if the axle bolt, and swingarm are the same part then it would fit, right? I just wanted to make sure before i bought it. Thanks for any help or ideas!


I belive they changed the diameter on the rear wheelbolt from 98 to 99, so if the part# is the same I belive it will fit. I think the front brakedisc is bigger on the 01 wheel.

98 had different diameter axle.99 should be same as 2001.but even if it isnt you can still use wheel just call bearing boss and order bearings and seals with outside diameter for 99 hub and inside diameter for 2001 axle.wheel spacers should be same from 98 thru 2001.

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