01 WR426 Spark Arrester Question

Guys - Just purchased a brand-new 01 WR426. It comes with the stock exaust/core. The owner of the shop said Yamaha "plugs it up" for CA. What do I need to do/buy to "unplug" it so that it a)runs well b)is forrest service approved c)does not piss off my neighbors and fellow campers with the noise? I do not want to add to their already screwed-up misconception of ohv riders. Any ideas you could share would be greatly appreciated. Or, do I even need to do anything? The bike is currently being shipped to me so I have a few days to figure this out.



If you want to stay with the stock exhaust you can replace the core with a GYT or Pro Moto Billet insert for about $40. It will open the bike up a bit but still meet the 96 db rule. I have a GYT on my dual sport 426. It works well. I've heard that the PMB gives just a bit more power.

WR tree,

To unplug your bike , take the 10mm bolt out of the exhaust tip that is in the side of the pipe towards the tire. Slip out the baffle and replace it with a GYT-R or Promoto Billet insert. Either one of these will increase the power and are below the 96db sound check. They can be had for $30.00 to $40.00. You should also yank out the restrictor inside the top of the air cleaner box. Study it a little and you can figure out what to do to get it out. Hope this answers your questions.


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