Oil Filter???????????

What is the best Oil filter to use? I see that scotts have a kick a$$ filter ut its 70 bucks. Is there anything cheaper or better out there. I heard you could use a 426 filter on it. :thumbsup:

I have scotts and it's mesh is defenetly more narrow than the 426's metal filter's mesh. 426 filter is the same size like the 450.

What bike are you asking about the 426 or the 450?

I own a 426 and it came stock with a mesh filter that is made of some type of metal not a paper filter. If your careful with them they will last for may cleanings.

I invested in the Scotts because I planned on keeping the bike. Yes it was very pricey but I cant even remember how many times I have removed it and cleaned it. It's still good as new. I have 3000 miles on my bike and change the oil about every 150 miles or two rides. Unless it a dez race. Then it's after every race. There is no way a stocker could have ever held up to that.

What ever you choose to do just remember to keep it clean. And change your oil early and often. It will pay off in the long run.

Sweet Thanks Guys, Im going to Order a Scotts right now. :thumbsup:

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