Axle Bolt/Nut

Hey guys. Been out a few times this year on the pig and I can tell you one thing. If you do a tear-down DO NOT tighten important moving parts to factory tolerances. They loosen up. So on that note my axle nut continues to loosen up on rides where I'm break-sliding alot. Anyone ever drill a hole through their axle and nut to apply a cotterpin? I'm curious if this is worth it or will it decrease strength in the axle? Any thoughts?

I just stand on the wrench until my calibrated foot tells me I've met my torque setting. I haven't had problems with any of the notorious hardware loosening (footpegs, etc.). I have, however, lost small stuff that I am afraid to blue loctite. A radiator shroud bolt and a side-panel bolt.

There are aftermarket lock nuts for the rear axle. Might be a bit more expensive, but it will look cool...i had a rear axle nut back off at an Adelanto GP--not good!

I too use my foot to loosen it, and tighten it down very snug.

I'm a firm believer in tightening things down, believe me. I've had my fair share of snapped bolts. Two last weekend to be When I tighten mine the tire doesn't spin freely sometimes. I wonder if it has any added stress on bearings and the like? Maybe it was just breaking in. Irondude where can I get some of those aftermarket ones? ?

I Do it to all my bikes except I drill it so that the nut can be safety wired independant of the axel, this is done so that the nut can be set at any position on the axel.

I wire both axel nuts the crown nut and the front sprocket bolt.

How does that work without drilling through the axle?

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