Failed Sound Check Need High Density Packing


Sound check on White Bro's R4 was 104 DB

I need to pack it (PUN INTENDED :) )

Anysuggestion on High denisty packing

Out side of using NASA mataerial I think were screwed

This bite, the freaking Harley WannaBBB's around here run uncapped straight pipes and the cops do nothing Night and Day.

The hills are out in the middle of nowhere and they enforce a noise cap.

GAD Only In California. There has got to be a way to fight this crap...

You could move to Texas LOL. I almost can hear your ego reply..."only steers and queers come from Texas" :)

BTW I have an R4 too and it is LOUD.


I was going to ride the Gorman qualifier two weeks ago ('cuz I was told it was gonna be fun), but they had a 101 Db limit for the event (which I'm sure my Pro Circuit T4 pipe would fail). I stopped in at Pro Circuit at the last minute and asked for the "quiet core" insert. When they brought it out and showed it to me, I could see that it was the same as the spark arrestor screen that came with the pipe, but with a washer welded to the end to restrict flow. It wasn't even a special washer, just a 20 cent washer that you could buy at the hardware store. I figured that they must know what they're doing, so I paid the 30 bucks and hoped for the best.

When I got home, I installed it and fired the bike up - it sounded like a two stoke without a silencer. :D The washer acted like a drum, making a rat-a-tat-tat noise that was ear bleeding. I repacked the silencer, but that didn't help (so I didn't go to the qualifier). In addition, the restricted flow caused considerable heat build up, probably enough to cause "melt down" on a tight trail.

I went back to P.C. asking for my freakin' money back, and they said, "Yeah, we need to do a little more testing, come back in a couple of weeks and we should have something new - we won't sell those anymore. It seems to work on the smaller bore bikes though". :)

In fairness to P.C., the rest of the pipe is well made and they did give me my money back, but the all running around I did to buy some hokey "backyard mechanic" built part, irks me.

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I would not say anything like that about Texas...

After all my favorite Pres is frm there and me brother lives in Magnolia

Tx, .

Now if it was luzerana, I would say just Inbreeders and KKK, Well I guess there the same :)

Hey Motoman how did you do last week.

Back to the Sound, White Bros have an insert the claim drops it 5-6db with no power loss. I think they call it power core II somthing its 38 bucks

Anyone use it ?

Motoman BTW, Just may be heading in that direction Soon Matbe

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Yo Ego,

Where did you get sound tested? I have not been checked while riding up at Hollister Hills to this point, did they pull you over or was it some sort of random test?

Man I doubt either one of my bikes would pass!! :)

Originally posted by EgoAhole:


GAD Only In California. There has got to be a way to fight this crap...



Every week end for three months started Saturday. It is volinteer first, then they hunt ya down. Aksed the Ranger the % of pass he said 95 but the thumpers are dropping like flies.

yz400 I vote, but it dont do any good if sheeple like to be walked by the nose and are ignotrant to the facts (just my opinion). I see it as an attack by the enviro nazi's. Think about it, first 2smokers are being phazed out, thumpers come along and the try to force the red stiker, issues, but the thumpers are clean running engines compared to the 2smokers.

So what does that leave them Noise.

I agree the sound test issue is pure bull poop. At silver lake sand dunes in Michigan... they now have a 94 db limit! And a spark arrestor is required! In the freakin dunes! What the heck is gonna catch on fire?

These people are idiotic.... plain and simple

I can see if there's a riding area in the woods and close to a neighborhood... that's reasonable. But the dunes?! Gimme a break

There, I feel better now :)

ego,i'll sell you my wb quietcore 2 insert $20.i only had it installed for about 2hrs.its pretty much new.there is no way it will reduce sound by 5db.i would say 3db is more accurate.i must warn you wb is lying when they claim there is no power loss.with queit core 2 installed it felt like stock wr exhaust with plug installed[only louder].if you need something to get past inspection its ok investment.other than that its garbage. WhiteBros. should be sued for false advertisement.

Ego, another idea is to put on a WR silencer. This is what i do to pass inspection. Then once i pass i just take the cork out and put it in my backpack. The uncorked WR silencer is just about the same as a stock YZ silencer. It works pretty well.

Word of caution on using another muzzle or cork to pass the sound chk.

I have been told direct fromt he gun toting Ranger at Hollister, that if in deed you are found to have switched the exhaust once this is inforced in three months, they ticket you as well as restrict you from riding in that park for upto a year. Now Is That BullSH&^*&*&^TTTTT

or what.

freestyle, Letme think about it, I am looking for some higher density pack. As long as I can keep under 100 I b cool

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Have you tried stainless steel wool?


Thanks, I was looking at that this weekend, seeing if I could modify the existing core to deflect more into the pack.

I was looking at the core insert by WB, that started me to think about that.

But your right I should be able to mod the core to capture more area and just pack the crap out of it.....

Thanks Again

Ego, dont over pack it though! I over packed my CR500 one time OH MY GOD was it loud. It was like a straight stinger!!

You should get a nice firm squish out of the packing before you shove it in the can. It should feel like pair of rolled up socks. Clean socks, Ego clean socks LOL> Ya know what Im talking about as far as the expanded metal? Its what they make those dog gaurds for screen doors out of. Ive seen it in aluminum and steel. I believe steel would be your choice here. You could use a galvanized mesh too. Ive seen some that had 1/4 inch squares, and wire about .062. Pretty tough stuff.

Ego, try making a new core out of expanded metal. It will increase the exposed area of the sound deadening material inside the muffler, reducing the sound output. In other words, make the holes in the core bigger. You could drill them out, its not like you dont have the time :) but it would be tidious at best I imagine! I was out at Saddleback 2 weeks ago and a guy was riding a 380SX and this thing was silent. He said he had to make a new core because the stock one was shot, and he used expanded metal. It was the quietest dirtbike Ive ever seen.


I was looking at the core last night and was thinking, beside enlarging / making new holes to angle the metal creating small cups that push into the pack.


Just thinking

Great minds think alike. I have a similar idea as far as the cups. I was thinking something more like a wedge, with tapered part toward the head. This "should" deflect sound into the packing, if done the way IM thinking, without sacraficing flow.

Good luck with that pardner :)

Your idea sounds alot like whats in my Big Gun Quiet Core. It has about four or five deflectors in it.

I hate it. Just killed the power in my bike. With this setup I think an xr400 could roost me. I replaced it with the race core and Ill use it until I get a ticket.

Big Gun also said "no loss of power" and they're full of sheeeit.

I think it sucks all these state of the art factories cant come up with something to quiet these bikes down without ruining the whole reason to own these awsome bikes.

If it gets bad enough Ill go back to a two smoke untill they figure it out.

Hey Ego:

I took apart my stock exhaust, packing and all, then rolled some fine mesh stainless screen into a cone shape that is aprox. 5.5" long, then spot-welded the new screen cone at the exhaust end of the silencer inside the perferated pipe. Not only is my bike spark arrested but makes alot less noise as well. :)

I think the stock silencer on the 426 is below 100 db why would you change it? The stock bike has more power than most people can use. Why do you need a loud bike to trail ride? The aftermarket mfg's make pipes so loud they can strip bark off the trees. Back in the day Harleys were always hassled about noise. As soon as they got trendy the cops started laying off these posers. I live near a Harley dealer and have seen people drop their bikes at a stop light and not be able to pick them up. When I helped one &%$#@! lift his bike I asked him why he bought a bike he can't even lift. I thought it was strange Harley riders won't wave to rice burners but he wants me to give him a hand.

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