Failed Sound Check Need High Density Packing


Read this Post All of it, then please repond......

In my opinion the AMA is mainly at fault here for the problem with sound enforcement. If they did there job by enforcing the sound at local races then the manufacturers i.e. Pipes and Bikes, would be forced to equip there products with legal equipment.....

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Originally posted by beezer:

I think the stock silencer on the 426 is below 100 db why would you change it?

First, I doubt that the stock pipe is under 100 db (I've never heard anyone say that it's quiet).

Second, the stock pipe does not come with a spark arrestor or any provision for adding one. BTW, technically speaking, you cannot make your own legal spark arrestor - it has to be Forestry approved (but I think most Rangers would look at any screen and think it's acceptable).

Hey Ego.

I forgot that the YZ has no spark arrestor. Hey gimme a break I'm from New Jersey, waddo I know. I always talk first think later. I stay up nights thinking what do I hate more Harleys or the AMA. You are 100% correct about sound levels. If the AMA would mandate 96 decibels and enforce it the aftermarket would have to sell quieter exhaust systems. Money is the only thing these people understand. As a business owner I make what my customers want not what they need. But it will NEVER happen, the AMA is run by weasels that are more concerned by money than the long term good of the sport. Just take a look at your average Supercross track. They could care less about how many people get carted off to the hospital as long as the seats are filled. Any auto racing sanctioning body would never allow such mayhem to take place. I have been around many different kinds of motorsports I only see this stupidity when it comes to motorcycle racing. I love motorcycles and racing and it hurts to see the short sightedness of many that are involved in it.

Ya got that right Beezer dead on.

As I said the AMA has been the worst destructive force in Professional racing in the United States...

Me thinks the greenies have infiltrated the AMA. It didnt used to be that bad.

If the current course isnt changed the AMA will be replaced. Im not sure by who or whom, but, when you have several sanctioning bodies putting up flat track races, its too much to ignore. The hand writing is on the wall for the AMA, I believe.


if you remember the Heyday of the AMA started its down ward trend in the mid 70's, after the Trasn-Ama events. Since then No AMA Sanctioned GP's (Both RR & MX) have been but a few in the US. Flat Tracking used to be a premier sport up until the 80's when Triumph, BSA, Norton lost to the Japanese bikes coming in. This cut out only Yamaha and Harley to ride these events. LETS NOT FORGET THE HARLEY INFLUENCE ON THE AMA

Honda tried to bring the sport back with the rs750 (bubba, RickyG and others) But becouse of rules and regulations Honda said Screw you and left the sport.

Since then Dirt Track fell apart. The same thing is happening in MX, since the ruling of no works bikes look at the quality of the race. We have great riders but the sport has suffered tremendously becouse of this rule.

No there are splintered sanctioning bodies.

It would be nice to see those splinters become a board and kick the AMA out....


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It makes no damn since to me why Harley's can parade up & down public streets as loud as they want with their straight pipes but, dirt bikes have to be quiet out in the middle of friggen nowhere....I give you guys credit living in Ca. & Mi. I do not think that I could deal with all the BS from the Enviro's, greenies , Sierra - sluts, park rangers & the sad excuse of the AMA. I can only hope that enough people vote with logic not emotion on this matter. :)

Ego: In my past experiences, less dense packing will reduce your noise output more, the tighter things are packed, the less it can absorbe the sound. if im wrong, then someone correct me but i think i am right.


This last race I was in, the adelanto GP, the sanctioning body was The Best in the Desert. The ama was charging over a hundred bucks for me to race in the beginner four stroke class! The desert vipers MC club kicked the AMA out and now uses Best in the Desert. The hell with the AMA. Those pro's that can afford $100+ a race used to be in my shoes at one time. What would have happened if they couldn't afford to race when they were?


I took the test today with my e-series pipe and also tested at 105db.I had to take 8 discs out to get to 100db.The bike was a slug after that so i put 3 back in.I wonder if they are test these things correctly as my bro-in-laws 84 cr500 with no packing tested at 106db and that thing is loud.I asked if a could see their testing procedures but, they would not let me,Wonder if they are supposed to hold it right up to the pipe.




I was wondering the same thing, I was under the impression that a vaild sound chk was done with the bike under load in a pass by mode. Meanin the sond chk station is to valid noise as the bike passes through a specific distanced area.

I dont know technology changes. But I think its worth investigating...

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