Just did 700 miles in Baja.

We just got back from 700 miles in Baja. Tough ride. Lots of route finding. Did 140 first day from Tecate to Ensinada. 220 second day to San Felipe through Mikes Sky ranch. 110 third day around San Felipe. 228 last day back to Rancho Veronica. My ass was so sore. Th Wr450 held up well. Did 89 on it with the GPS across the dry lake bed. Wringing it out. Weird thing though on the first day. My Kickstarter started vibrating and making grinding and scraping noises. I thought I was done. Then I wrung it out approaching Ensinanda and it went away. Any ideas there? Anyways I jetted it lean, went with a 3.3 IMS tank. Gas lasted pretty good. Good about 140 for the tank. Had one bad crash. But lots of fun.

Great ride! :awww: I have been thinking about doing a Big Baha ride myself. That is awesome 700 miles in 4 days! :thumbsup: That is my kind of riding! Any good pics? Any flat tires? What kind of tires did you run? How was the big get off? :lol:

Did you change the oil at all during the ride?

I ran new Dunlop 756s. MSR heavy duty tubes. I had no flats. A few of my buddies had some. This was unguided and unsupported. My crash was the worst I've had. High sided bad. My hands never even made it out in front of me. No oil change during. One right before. Changed again yesterday. We were hauling.

I run the MSR heavy duty tubes and I cant see getting them to flat with proper pressures for the terrain. High sides can be nasty. You must have been launched pretty good. Glad to see there are no permanent injuries. :thumbsup:

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