'04 450 pipe on '01 426

You all know that the canadian version of the 01 426 has a pipe that cannot be opened at the end (it is welded). I was asking myself if a canadian '04 WR450 pipe would fit on the 426. That would be great because for 04, the canadian pipe is the same as the US one( you can open the can and put a new insert if you want). Me and some friends are thinking to replace our original 01 pipe by an original 04 pipe on our canadian 426s.

Anybody knows if it is feasible and if the mounting brackets will fit. I doubt it would because the subframes are not the same...

I just put the stock exhaust from my '04 WR450 on my buddy's '99 WR400. Fit with no problems. I used the WR400 headpipe. I know the 400 and the 426 had the same exhaust. Headpipes are a little different but will fit either bike. Not sure if it will work with a WR450 headpipe.


We were planning on leaving the original header pipe anyway. If it worked for a 400, it will sure fit a 426.

Thanks again :thumbsup:

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