Buddy/Passenger Pegs for my WR


Great photos! So, where'd you pick up the u-shaped brackets and pegs from?

I bought them from a local KTM dealer. When I was living in Quebec, I was always buying my aftermarket parts from that guy because he just knows better what he is talking about...

They are KTM products. Full steal material :thumbsup:, very rough :awww:, very nice :lol:, very heavy :lol:

Anyway, I suppose if you ask your KTM dealer, they will be able to provide you with the same kind of stuff.

My friend at KTM told me that when they install them on KTM bikes, it is very simple because they just drill holes into the square-shaped frame. The problem with my WR is that the frame is circular and to far forward.

If you install buddy pegs on the WR, make sure the pegs are gonna be as far back as possible and as low as possible. This way, you passenger will be able to put more weight on the pegs and it will be less tough for his/her as... eeee ...back. :lol:

Yeah...thanks to Math for all the hard work and dilligence.

You are very welcome buddy.

We all see how important it is to keep the Ladies happy. As long as they are happy, they'll allow us to keep riding on saturdays!


Did you get these pix fixed? I am having trouble getting them to come up now. I saw them the other day when I viewed the post, but now I can't see them :thumbsup: I think I remember the parts being blue. did you have to paint them, or did KTM offer the bracket in blue?

Taewa...copy the link to the photos and paste them into a separate web browser. They'll come up then. Imagestation doesn't like remote linking. :thumbsup:

maybe I should change for another picture station. This is becoming complicated...

Maybe you should? I was reading that TortureChambers was having issues with ImageStation too (I believe) and switched to something else.

I pm Torture to know how he solved them problem.

I'll keep you informed

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