Looking for a good tire for XR 650R

I live in the hottest place in North America and I ride my bike on the road to shop and run errands, but will also ride fire roads this summer up north. I need suggestions for a durable tire that will give me a bit more braking ability on the paved surfaces. I have had luck with Maxxis on my CRF, but this Big XR650 Pig is a whole new beast for me. :thumbsup:


These are the best three tires for the BRP for off road and links to see them.

Soft terrain mostly; IRC M5B 140/80

Lightest tires. Hooks up on anything. Even hard pack. My favorite tire. Down side is it chunks. Grabs the jagged rocks like the Tera Flex but at a price of shredding the knobby's. If you don't mind going threw tires and you need the extra edge to win -- This tire rocks!



. 7301HT Maxis 120/100= Best hard pack tire! Does well in every situation accept mud and sand.

Soft rubber ****don’t get it mixed up with the 7305 IT**** (The 7305IT is a great track tire; but, the XR650R has too much power and it will not hook up on hard pack. I had it on the Oinker and it was flat out dangerous on hard pack, Great tire on the XR400R and KLX300R and such)



Best all around tire; Tera Flex 140/80 Type (2)

For everything from sand and the worst mud to hard pack (hard pack without sand on it) would be the Tera Flex Type 2 140/80 Best tire if you almost (98%) all dirt (or mud, sand, rocks, forest and intermediate track dirt)and need a DOT tire. Best all around tire period! Does real well on the street and wears almost as long as the 606 if you don't spin it to death on the hard pack. Down side of this tire is its size! It's scary. Will rip off your mud flap. (If you go with this tire there are ways around it) Weighs 2 pounds more then any other tire out there. As was said before; it’s not very good on sandy hard pack. It's hard to describe this kind of hard pack. (It's not the hard fire road that has little traffic but the hard stuff that has been ripped up and is still hard and flat underneath.) You have a blast spinning sideways and still hook up enough to blow the doors off anyone trying to catch you.

If you’re a XR650R Yahoo group member here is a picture




For a very aggressive DOT tire that lasts as long as the 606 and is great for all around riding would be the Pirelli RalleyCross 130/90 or 140/80 MT21 If you need a long lasting DOT tire and run allot of wood and fire roads this is a good tire.


There are no fit issues with the IRC M5B. It fits great. I love this tire it is not a DOT tire and it does chunk if used on rocks to much. It is a soft terrain tire. But, grabs everything. If you hit high speeds on the pavement it will through knobby's. It doesn't rub. I thought I would try the Michelins Baja 140/80 tire on the BRP. I had one on my XR600R and thought it was OK. I hate it now. Would be a great wet dirt tire (not mud) the stuff with grass, forest trails, just not good on the California baked hard pack. It was good in the sand, Great in the dirt just after the rain but, major sucked once it dried out and was worthless on the hard pack trying to stop. If I hadn't tried the Tera Flex or IRC M5B it might have been fine it’s a DOT tire. The Tera Flex (DOT also) can handle anything you through at it! Never comes apart but, doesn't do well on the slick hard pack. Seemed to be a little better as it wore. You learn to handle it. There are a lot of people with there favorite tire. If they get a tire that does better or lasts longer then stock; they are happy. I have a pile of tires here and there are only a few that work on anything. Some that work Great on one or two things and they all have a draw back. Some need a DOT tire or one that dose not come apart on the road. Some just want a long lasting tire and don't push things to the limit. The Baja tire was a lot like the Maxis 7305 IT 120/100 but, was better in the sand. Not as good as the Tera Flex in the sand. The best is the IRC M5B. The Pirelli Rally Cross MT21 is not the best in the sand and it was wanting to wash out, was lots better then the 606. In moist loose dirt the Maxxis 7305 is great. The Baja was right there just about as good but, still nether were as good as the Tera Flex and the IRC M5B is the best. The Pirelli Rally cross gets the job done and it will get you where you need to go. (way better then the 606 here). In dry dirt the Pirelli was great. If it had harder dirt under the surface it would grab violently. It smokes the 606 here. The Maxxis 7305 isn't very good here and the Baja was worse. The Maxxis 7301HT rocks here but, the Tera Flex was better and again the IRC M5B rocked like none of the others could. Hard pack I was amazed how a soft terrain tire like the IRC M5B could grab so well it was wonderful but the Maxxis 7301HT was best. The Tera Flex is so, so, but better then the Baja and the Maxxis 7305IT. The Pirelli would spin and dig through the top and then hook up all at once. It was something you learn to anticipate. IRC M5B was some what close to the Maxxis 7301 HT. On the street it's the Pirelli 140/80 Rally Cross MT21 fallowed by the Terra flex Type 2. I Used the Baja on the Freeway and around town and it would skid on hard braking never did get to use it on water on pavement I just ripped it off the bike Yesterday. Enough is enough. Back to the IRC M5B for the big ride at 3rd gear pinned on the 25th of this month. Pirelli did great in water on pavement and lasts just about as long as the 606. The 606 is dangerous here but, lasts a long time. Tera flex was great and lasts just as long. All this is full whack of the throttle and full brake riding. It would be a different out come with a different rider that eases into the throttle and brakes before it's too late. Now to be fair to the Baja tire I did ride a good long wheelie on the freeway with it

Front tires;

MT410 Scorpion Cross vs. MT450 Scorpion Cross Pirelli. The MT450 is a better tire for the heavier bike. It grips much better then the MT410 on the hard slick stuff and the sand. The MT410, did do better in the moist dirt (MX track) and well on the pavement. The MT450 chunked on rocks and stressed on high speed pavement runs.

All the tire test were for a month of full throttle, full brake riding in southern California and Mojave, rocks sand, MX track, hard pack and if it rained I would find some mad mud and let the BRP wallow before it turned back into rock. I started this month out with the IRC M5B 140/80 again because of the many big group rides I joined in on.

I run Pirelli MT-21's on my 650 with good results. I do quite a bit of pavement riding to get to the dirt and get good mileage out of them. They are a relative hard compound and are predictable on the street. They do good on hard pack but lack some in the soft stuff.

REAR: On hot pavement almost all of them will chunk. Dunlop, Pirelli, Maxim, all are ok off road, but if your going to be on desert pavement its a different story. I havent tried the IRC or the Terraflex on long stretches of desert pavement, so i dunno. But everything else ive tried is always CHUNK CHUNK CHUNK once its over 100 degrees ambient...

IMHO the Michelin Desert or Baja are the way to go. They wont chunk. For what you describe-the Metzler Karoo would also be a very good choice.

They wont chunk-and you should get well over double the milage of the others. Both do well on gravel and hardpack. And they are DOT. The Karoo sucks in sand, the Desert is ok.

Front is a different kettle of fish. For what you describe you need a tire thats stable at speed, yet offers some sidewall, and some off road traction. I have yet to find one that does all that. The 606 front has its believers--Johnny Cambell uses that for paved sections in the Baja races. Every knobbied tire i have tried was a nightmare on grooved concrete freeeways...so. The Michelin Desert is too agressive on the pavement, the Karoo is way to 'road' for any attempt off road up front. SOme of the IRC's might be a happy medium for ya, but will absolutely suck in any sand. The Maxis, Dunlops, Kendas, etc will not inspire any confidence at speed on a paved road...really ya need to make the choice up front: pavement but not sand/mud, or sand/mud abilities but less stable on the pavement... :thumbsup:

for dual sport riding i like the mt 21 :lol: last forever - for dirt only i am liking the maxxis m7305 maxx cross it - hooks up good and lasts longer than the 739 at

i run 10 lbs in the rear on both tires seems to hook up the best :thumbsup:

jeff :awww:

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