WR 426 exhaust

Need help.

I have a 01 WR426 after reviewing some of the posts I went to check the muffler baffle and there is nothing in the muffler pipe other than the spark arrester on the tip. I purchased the bike used so I am not sure if the original owner removed something or not. I am looking at Pro Moto. Any help would be great. Thanks.

Are you sure you are looking at a stock exhaust? If it is the stock exhaust, you can't see the spark arrestor at the tip, it is deep within. You may be able to see it with a flashlight. However, if it is stock exhaust and you see something in the tip of the exhaust that is the insert. Stock insert has a very small hole in it, you probably can't even fit your pinky finger in the hole. The GYTR insert has a much larger hole in it, probably almost the size of a ping pong ball. Hope this helps,


Not sure what you're asking for here... :thumbsup:

but the stock WR muffler doesn't have any kind of packing in it. If you take off the endpiece (the three 10 mm bolts hold it on) you can see inside the can. The endpiece has the spark arrestor on it. It looks like a fine mesh screen. The muffler has one baffle (for lack of a better thing to call it) about midway down with a round hole offset from the center. That's about all there is inside it.

Thank you very much as that is what I was looking for. When I took my first peek it sure looked empty in the can like something was missing. Thanks again.

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