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XR650L rear chain Guide

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Anyone on here running one of these ? 



I came across this looking for options , The japan only 1990's CRM250AR happens to use the same Guide/ P/N 52146MN1671 as the L and this is an aftermarket option for them. 

Looks like a decent replacement and a few bucks cheaper than XR's Only. 


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Unless it has rubber on all 4 sides where the chain goes through,,i`d avoid it like the freeking plague...lol

my chain guide has marks all over it inside from the chain hitting it on accel and decel,,even the sides have seen the chain hitting it sometimes,,,


Aluminum and the chain rubbing on it would be noisy as hell,,and i`m thinking the chain hitting metal would never be a good thing..

of course what the hell do i know..



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