Street Use 04 WR450

Does any body know any good sites to buy the parts to make my bike street legal? :thumbsup:

Apparently nobody wanted to respond to you. I am looking at getting my kit from . They have the complete package and can swap out components to make it cheaper for you. Good luck.

I just got mine in April from Electrex. It went together quite easily, more for you since you have a WR and I have a YZ. Getting the plate is Oregon is as easy as taking your title and proof of insurance into the DMV. They did not even ask to see my bike. :thumbsup:

baja designs has a kit, see the post on charging problems and a problem has been discussed about battery draining.

DO NOT buy the Baja Designs Dual Sport Kit.

It will kill your reg/rectifier.

Your bike uses AC to power your headlight/taillight.

Baja just cuts that AC lead and runs everything on DC. Your bike will struggle all day to keep the battery charged and the regulator/rectifier can't handle the abuse that Baja Designs is subjecting it to. I bought it and sent it back for a refund.

They are boneheads.

Check K&S out. Specifically their handlebar switch (with kill function)

K&S parts

Just finished using K&S parts to Dual Sport my bike with the headlight and taillight on AC (the way it should be)

... and the rest ,including the brake light, runs on the DC power.

Thanks to my friends here on Thumpertalk for all the help.

I can't believe this monster is street legal. :thumbsup:

By the way, all the info you need is available by using "search". Check it out.

thanks guys. Im going to keep looking into it. If theres any other comments about this topic it greatly wanted. :thumbsup:

Does any body know any good sites to buy the parts to make my bike street legal? :thumbsup:

In colorado I just bought a pressure brake light switch, wired it into the existing brake light. The unused wire is for brake light on the existing light. Nothing else required. Took about $20 and 10 min.

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