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2014 Husky FC 250 basket case

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Hey Everyone,

I decided to wonder over here from the Kawasaki and Yamaha forums. Here's a brief backstory of me: 29, pretty slow C rider in hare scrambles. I have been riding more recently in the last year so my pace is definitely improving. Just last spring, I bought a 1997 KX 250, this was my first bike since selling my 125 in college, hence my slow progression even though I rode from 14 to 21. The KX 250 certainly wasn't the bargain I thought it was at the time of purchase and occasionally I still discover fun things when I go to do simple maintenance. Either way, I have done everything needed thus far myself short of rebuilding the forks (since the rest of the bike was rough, I thought best not to risk it). 

I have turned the bike into a decent woods machine but I am still lacking some items for woods bike gear. I feel like I am at this tipping point where I either resto mod it or replace it. The replace part does not have to be today or tomorrow, but maybe next season. 

Anyways though... found a 2014 Husky FC 250 on craigslist and it peaked my interest. I'm not actively looking per-say, just get bored and like to browse CL and other places like that. What's everyone's thoughts? Feel free to be ruthless, my feelings won't be hurt. 


Thank you in advance!

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