yz450 supercross gearing

looks like most of the previous posts were on 426's.I ride mostly tight tracks and was thinking of changing from the stock rear 48 tooth to a 51 tooth sprocket, anybody think this is too much maybe just go 50?

I ride mostly MX, but I went up 1 tooth on the rear (48 to 49) It was like a different bike. I was to high for second gear and to low for third. Jumps out of turns I was making, I couldnt get a run at them. I went back to the 48, so hopefully things get better. What I was trying to do was lower 3rd so I coukd use it more. I'm thinking 50 or 51 would have been a better choice.

I've been running a 50T in the rear for over a year. If the tracks that your ride are tight, it is a very good gearing selection. For SX, it is very good gearing. Other modes also affect how well it works. The 50T allows me to use 3rd through the turn and short straights and 4th in sweepers and long straighs. For out door type tracks, I would stick with the stock gearing. I have never tested with the 47T, but it is a good gear selection. I tested with a 49T when I first go my bike and hated it. It always seemed to be between gears.

I race SX and Stadium MX mostly and run a 51 on the back of mine. It also works well on most MX tracks ive ridden on. If I get to a realy fast track I put a 15 front on for a quick Gearing change.

I know a few Guys over here running 53 rears and like them.



i am a midpack Vet 30+ rider and love the 47 rear. It smoothes out the "snap", let's you use 2nd a little more (like when you have a bigger double right out of a corner), no need to hit 3rd. I am installing mine this weekend.


I went 50 off the show room floor ... switched to 47 mid last season ... ran it at washougal and the local MX and supercross type tracks. to date, i'm sold on the 47. i would like to try a 51+ on the sx track and see what it's like ... but haven't yet. I ride 2nd gear most of the time on the supercross type track ... 47 makes 2nd gear useable. 50T rear makes 2nd gear almost useless except for starts .... on the tracks i ride. maybe 51+ would make them a 3rd gear track.

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