My Baby Stolen!

I hope none of you ever have to go through the agony of coming home, walking into the garage to roll out your pride and joy to go for ride and find an empty space where it should have been. I have been just walking around stunned for over a week now, thinking about my 01 426 being ripped apart to be sold piece by piece for drug money. The crappy part of it is I still have to make that monthly payment or find a way to come up with 4700.00 to pay it off and start over. Cant think of anything worst than a thief. also ironic how I have spent 15 years of life defending my Country with pride only to be spit on by a scumbag that resides in it. Anyone in the San Diego area that bumps into a deal to good to be true on yz426 parts or a whole bike let me know Please. I have the the serial Numbers for the engine and frame...

I know the feeling, luckily not from a bike being stolen, but from my truck being broken in to. I cannot understand how anyone can come to the point that they have no respect for themself or anyone else and perform such acts without a second thought. Maybe we should start amputating hands for convicted thiefs in the U.S., oh wait, there's that little thing called the Constitution.

Dave: Post here to make some more people aware of the theft. We have alot of San Diego people on the board.

I feel for you. I know it is difficult but please give us some info on how it happened so others can prevent the worthless scum from getting our bikes. What are your neighbors like? How does your garage lock? Did it happen in the day or at night? Was your bike modified? Other than the parts numbers did you have any hidden ID marks? I have my name engraved on my triple clamps, seat, head, and other spots. I don’t plan on selling it. I am in the military too. Thanks for serving.

Sorry Dave:

I live in Encinitas, and will be on the lookout for unusual selling of parts, etc. It seems to me like it's got to be a neighbor or someone who knew you had it in there. Any teenage boys around you're area? We were ripped off growing up in Santee by neighborhood thugs. Bastards. If you suspect anyone, let me know, I would love to help "discipline". Good Luck

All stock bike the only thing on it was a trick lil flag mount from the guys in the red trailer at vendors flats (cant remember the name) the silencer has been marked from the flag hitting it. unfortunatly my lock on the garage does not latch corectly and I usually back my truck against it but forgot when I went out to sea this last time. In Ramona there is almost no crime around us and everyone looks out for each other... This was very strange and not a pro because they had to pull it out from behind 3 quads and there was a ton of tools and other stuff that could have been easily taken, not to mention the entire set of sand tires and rims for my raptor sitting in the back of my truck. Grab and go by someone who knew I was gone. Im lucky the Raptor was locked up in the enclosed trailer...

Ramona is a tiny little town!! That stinks. You wouldn't think that in a small place, you would have to worry about something like this.

Keep an eye out on eBay, and I'd even make signs and things around for your "local" shops, and the tracks.

Just an idea... but usually anything that is stolen or damaged while inside your home is covered by Homeowners insurance. My dad had a bunch of tools stolen one time out of our garage and the house insurance covered it all. You may want to look into that, becaust $4700 is a lot to just poop away.. good luck and sorry to hear about that :)

My Daugters xr was stolen from the garage just days after bringing it home. The hard reality is Homeowners does not cover dirt bikes unless you have it specified.

Since then we have progressive

Sorry man we did get the bike back but had to putt another 400 bucks back,,,

Scum is Scum, no matter how far back ya peel the skin

I hope whoever stole it, wrecks on it and breaks his fu@king neck...KARMA! If anyone ever steals mine I'm going Bronson!

Homeowners insurance will not cover dirt bikes stolen from your garage, nor would it cover them if your house burned down. Auto insurance will not cover a bike if you crashed your truck with the bike in the back.

I know hind sight is 20:20, but you need to get your toys insured. A buddy of mine bought a cherry 99 KTM 250 EXC only to have it stolen by some POS scum bag the following week. As soon as I heard that, I called up my insurance company and had both my bikes insured. It costs me $70/yr to insure my 426 and $25/year to insure my 94 YZ 250. The insurance company told me this insurance would cover me even if I wadded my bike(s) up while riding them. Now that's a great deal, especially considering how I ride !!!

Make sure you report the VIN# to the police immediately and post a similar message on every internet site and street corner. I hope the worthless scum sucking, good for nothing, hell bound POS paralyzes himself from the neck down while riding it !!!!!


You only got liability ?

I just looked at comprensive that covers theft fire tornado and scum bags, Thats about 234 per yr per bike from progessive. Liability does not cover if you get it stolen. It only covers if you smack someone in the trail, your bike is not covered on liablity.

Maybe I am wrong about your ins, but if I am not ya better look a lil deeper. I just got off the phone with progressive again to make sure I am covered...... Theft, Fire, Crashing the Truck.

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Thanks alot Ego, now you have me second guessing myself. I remember my agent quoted me a price that was $200+, and she said that I'm covered If I flatten somone else on the trail. I told her that I wouldn't need that (when you ride the tight, nasty, rocky, ignorant single track, few people are around and your not going fast enough to do real damage), so I asked her to not include it. My quote then dropped to $70/year and I was pretty sure I asked her if that covered theft, fire, wipe out in my truck and so forth. I was pretty sure she replied yes. Well, I better lock the bike(s) down tight until I can call my agent tomorrow. Hey Ego, you gonna pay for my restless sleep tonight !!!

Sorry Matt if I am wrong I will buy you a cup a java and say I am, caugh, caugh say I, I, I, ya didnt get the right insurance :)

I hope I am wrong honeslty that way I can get better insurance from your agent :D

BTW the 234 from Progressive includes Liability just in case one of the lomers makes you crash into em.

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Just pulled out a copy of my policy. Here is what is listed for my 2000 YZ426F:



COLLISION - $500 DED $41


Also, here is Erie's definition of "Comprehensive Insurance"

What is Comprehensive insurance?

Comprehensive Insurance covers loss or damage to a vehicle due to 'own damage' apart from the third party insurance.Loss or damage to a vehicle is included in the 'Own damage' form of insurance when the contingency is caused by the following perils:

accidental external means

fire, explosion, self-ignition, lightning, burglary, house breaking or theft or by malicous acts.

transit by road, rail, inland waterway, air, lift or elevator.

act of terrorism

riot and strike, earthquakes, flood & storm.

landslide & rockslide.

Erie Insurance Group servers primarily the east coast. It appears I'm covered against scum bags, pyros and vehicle biffage . . . ahh I will have pleasant dreams of roost, hill climbs, loamy berms and the cops performing a beat down on the guy who stole Glamis Dave's blue god of thunder !!!

Dude whats the Web site or who is your agent ,,, Thats a great deal...

I been had :)

State Farm seems good too. I just switched to them for all my vehicles and coverage for the CRF is $11.33 per month.

Here you are Ego:

Erie Insurance Group

On the home page there is a drop down box to pick your state, but there is no option to pick California. Although I don't know if this means you couldn't use them. Godd luck shopping Ego, I hope you get a better deal !!!

I have "Jury Duty" Tuesday. I hope I get picked for the right case. If the proof is "iron clad", this jerk is going away. I'm so sick of thieves.

Thanks to you guys in the military for serving for us! Wish I could help with the stolen bike, I'm all the way over here in FL. I'll keep an eye out for something funny, but I doubt it would be your bike over here. :)

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