My Baby Stolen!


I would be totally devisted if my bike was stolen.

Sorry to hear about your loss and hope you can recover it.

A buddy's boss finally broke down and bought a brand new CR450 less than 3 weeks ago. He loaded it in his truck and took it to work. He was going to meet us at a track and ride it for the first time. I get a call at lunch. 3 guys in a truck stole it out of the back of his truck in less than 30 seconds they got off with his bike and stand. He was totally devisted to say the least. He called the cops.

The next day the Dallas Police called him and told him to come and get his bike out of impound....THEY FOUND IT!!!!!!!!....of course it was in bad shape but he still had something to work with....after all new plastic bars and a new rear tire....the bike looks new again...and he's happy...

I think TTalk should come up with some sort of award program for catching theives....I'd give 20 bucks right now toward a reward for getting this guys ride back....Where do I send the money?

How about a stolen bike message forum or page where we can post pictures and serial numbers of stolen bikes!?!


Definitely check with somebody else other than Progressive. They are pretty much a substandard company. (In business to write insurance for people with accidents and tickets.) They have been trying to make their way into the standard market but aren't tood good. I used to be an agent for Erie and they are a top notch company. State Farm is good as well. Other standard companies are Nationwide, All State etc. (Course I'm not sure how good of companies they are.) If you ever have any doubts about an Insurance company, you can always check their AM Best rating. Used to be about the best rating company for insurance companies. A++ is their best rating.

Thanks Kfrosty for the advise, I will be looking today.

My wife was like "WHAAAAAATTTTTTT" Sell the bikes we are not paying that.....

So I promply took her to dinner :)

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Hi Dave, sorry to hear about your bike, I do unfortunately know how it feels. I had my first bike ('75 RM 125) stolen when I was a kid (long ago). I had mine stolen from my parent's locked garage on a very rainy night and to make matters worse they wheeled it right past my bedroom window. That was 20 + years ago and now my bikes are locked up inside a locked brick garage and having a large loud (only to strangers) dog also helps. I still get up in the middle of the night and check the garage if I hear a noise and I probably always will, I keep my garage doors shut unless i'm going in or out and never wash or park my bikes out the front of my house. Once bitten...............I hope you get your bike back Dave, good luck mate.

Since My daughters was ripped off and recovered

I now have a huge case hardened chain with a massive case hardened lock rapped around me case hardened work bench :) Nah the work Bench.

Anyway story is, even if I have insurance I am making it plenty difficult to get to the bikes without making some sort of noise.

Bikes are now stuffed in a corner, sorrounded buy land mines :D

Ok, just had a brainstorm...

Why not put one of those alarm buzzers like you see in the department store doors in your garage. You know, the kind that buzz, ding dong, whatever when you walk in. Run some speaker wire into your kitchen and turn it on when you aren't in the garage. If someone manages to open your garage you'll know it or maybe manage to scare them away.


Got Pets

Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding Dong

probably able to place it up higher then the pets

Not a bad idea ?

Houston, Tranquility base here, We have found signs of human inteligance :)

Good input

I like the land mines myself

I called my insurance company, State Farm, and they said that my bike was covered for theft and fire as long as it was no the premesise. I have renters insurance and I asked them twice when I had them on the phone.

In my search for quotes on mc insurance I found this web site.

I am "NOT" promoting this guy at all. I find the article intresting and agree.

My XL600 was stolen in 1985. Cops chase the guy and he hit a parked car on it. Gees thanks guys! So instead of getting a brand new Ninja, I got a wrecked XL600 back. First time in my life insurance actually paid back and I still got screwed.

I called state farm and for comprehensive insurance.It is 144 a year. :) I will be adding it when i get home.



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