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My Rekluse Chatter Experience Solved!

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Hi peeps,

I am a new member to this site but have been reading many forums here!


I am throwing some info up as I couldn't find a solution on the web!

The story is that I purchased a new 2017 CRF450RX, I installed a new Rekluse CX 3.0 kit to the letter being not shy when it comes to swinging spanners.

Installed onto a OEM Outer Clutch Housing / Basket!

The prob I was having was clutch chatter when starting off from a standstill!

exactly the same as Youtube,

Rekluse clutch "chatter"



After tearing down my clutch a dozen times adjusting free gain, spring thicknesses. even ordered another fibre'n'steel plate to replace the judder spring and judder plates fibre'n'steel to no avail!

Today I spotted the prob,

It was the back of the Center Clutch Housing rubbing on the studs of the OEM Outer Clutch Housing / Basket when clutch pressure is applied!

In the area where the "23mmX48mmX2mm Thrust Washer" is located!

My solution to this problem is,

Firstly I am going to try to locate a 23mmX48mmX3mm Thrust washer to replace the OEM Washer to increase the distance of the housings!

Failing that I will throw $350 towards a new Rekluse Clutch Basket as there are no studs protruding the inside of the basket!


If this helps one person it is worth it, as it has been painstaking for myself and don't wish anyone to have to go through that!

I will post the outcomes of my project within a few days to keep you all informed if it is a success!


Cheers and safe rides peeps!




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Ok Peeps this is where i am at with the Chatter problem with my 2017 450rx!


I purchased both the Thrust Washer & new Rekluse Clutch Basket on the same afternoon, The outcome is as follows!


Thrush Washer Replacement, Part No. 90421-HA2-010. With Rekluse CX kit & OEM Basket, Chatter quietened but not eliminated, Clutch had slight creep when engaged in gear!

It could have probably been resolved with more free gain adjustment, but by that time I was getting a bit annoyed with stripping down my clutch and wanted too install my new Rekluse Basket!

Rekluse Clutch Basket installation, Problem Solved! No Chatter at all! How it should sound and perform on a NEW BIKE!!! AWESOME CLUTCH!!!

I also noticed some slight bluing on the Drive Gear Retainement Plate where the OEM studs go through the OEM Basket due to friction caused by the Center Clutch rubbing

against the ends of the OEM Basket Retaining Studs!


I have read many threads on peeps having same issue, calling Rekluse and being told that it is normal and won't harm the clutch/bike!!!

Center Clutch's rubbing on Clutch Baskets will do damage IMO, all I can say is look at Photo's and judge for yourself!

Spend $300-$350 and install a new Basket to match your bike/clutch setup, and solve that Chatter Problem!!!!!! Just Saying!!!


I hope i have shared some insight and Helped those who are having the same problem,

So if you are thinking of getting a Rekluse, which i highly recommend, but are afraid of chatter, Know now that it can be solved!!!!!


Cheers and ride safe Peeps!

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That thrust washer is slightly domed and should be installed with the sharp edge out I believe. That will allow proper clearance between the basket and hub. Do a search for clutch binding.

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