Price on '85 XL600 w/11k miles

A guy down the street is selling this bike and I don't know if it's worth his asking price. Here's the stats:

85 XL600

clean street title and all street equipment

11k miles

Runs okay...but needs some carb work

"recently put new top end on it"

needs a rear tire, moderate wear and tear

He's asking $1000 and I will not pay that..but how much should I offer him for it?


Here's the stats:

85 XL600 He's asking $1000 and I will not pay that..

Have you been checking the bikes on ebay lately? No Honda big bore Thumper (500cc+), no matter what the year, the condition, or if its running or not, sells for less $1K anywhere in the US. That should tell you something about how much these bikes are worth, whether you think so or not.

They are hard to come by and if its in good shape, $1K is not out of the question. Try $750 and work up. Maybe you'll meet in the middle at $850 or $900.

Agreed, I recently paid $2700 for a '94 XR650L with 5k miles if that says anything... the 650's are a lot of bike though, so I'm happy. :thumbsup:

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