ironman sprockets

anybody try these ironman sprockets?-thinking of going with a tm designworks buffer/chainguide/roller set up-oh and an ert520 chain

I have the Ironman and the Sidewinder, both will be the last sprockets you will have to buy. The Ironman is a 47 and I got the stock 48 in the Sidewinder. I have had the Sidewinder for over a year with no visible ware.

I am currently running the DID X-Ring chain and love it :thumbsup:

I also have the full TM setup, also better than stock.

You really can't go wrong with the setup you mentioned.

Best sprockets I have every run. :thumbsup:

Do you ride motocross? Did you notice the additional weight? I went by their tent at Hangtown and picked one up. Very noticeably heavier in my hand, not sure how that translates to performance. Kind of like a flywheel weight, I guess. Is it noticeable?

the steel ones are heavier but last 10x longer-i pretty much just race mx & practice alot-im getting the stock gearing for sure-dont think i'll like the 47

i'm gettin ready to change my sprocket and chain soon... so if your supposed to change the sprocket when you change the chain, why get a sprocket that outlasts your chain??? :thumbsup:

Bottom line is they are both maint items

Keep an eye on them replace when needed

I've been running ironman sprockets with a DID X-ring chain on my bike for over 60 hours and it shows no sign of wear. I adjusted my chain after my first ride and have not had to since. Excellent product!!!

Where can I purchase Ironman sprockets? I have never heard of them.

motosport outlet mail order company see them on the web.I think they are around $90 bucks.

Talk to Sirthump he sells them at a really good price!!!!

Here's a link to both a good price, and a weight comparison between Ironman sprockets, regular steel sprockets and aluminum sprockets on my site:

Good price and weight comparison here

In short they are very slightly heavier than aluminum, a LOT lighter than regular steel sprockets. Combine these with a quality sealed chain and you're set for a very long while. I run these on my personal 426 and most of my riding buddies are now running them too. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the reply guys. When I figure out what gearing I want to go with I will be looking you up sirthumpalot. Thanks!!

The fun part is convincing my dad to get these for me for my birthday! :thumbsup: Give any discounts to needy good children? I'm good enough, I ride a blue thumper! :awww:

Use the coupon "FreeShipChainSprockets" and you get free shipping on Ironman sprockets for the next week. Shhh, don't tell anyone!

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