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1976 Suzuki TS 250 SAVAGE electrical issues NEED AN EXPERT!!!!

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Extremely in need of some help here,

           My cousin and I are in need of some help with this bike. First and foremost, If anybody can direct me towards an exact wiring diagram for this make and model that would help tremendously. I can supply Vin number if needed to locate exact wiring diagram. Already called Suzuki and they did not have it on file.

Now, to explain the problems we are having....

The bikes runs great mechanically..... now please bare with me/us from this point on, seeing as we are not the best with electrical.

The first main thing we're experiencing is that the bike runs amazing but every once in a blue moon decides to shut off. When it does shut off our gut instinct is that it is an electrical issue not only because of the suddenness of the way it shuts off but also along with the other issues we are having. 

As far as the other issues we are having.....

*The headlight as of now is working great but randomly shuts off...mostly when riding on the road. (switches and simple connections all seem to be fine)

*The taillight seems to work fine but for some reason the RUNNING light filament keeps burning out

*The brake light works but sometimes is very bright as I feel it should be but then at times seems very dim and weak no matter which brake switch is being applied (again switches and simple connections all seem to be fine)

*The blinkers all seem to light up but only the right side blinks. Also the blink seems much slower than it should be (FLASHER RELAY IS NEW OEM)

We have played with and went over all the wiring to the best of our knowledge at this point looking for grounded wires/connections and all that good stuff.

Our next thoughts at this point being as we are not so electrically inclined is to go about replacing voltage regulator(Suzuki part#3250025600) ,CDI unit(Suzuki part#3190030020) , and certain magneto coils (This bike has individual replaceable ones for "pulser" "lighting" & "primary" instead of a large one piece coil) so if anybody can advise on testing the existing units rather than replacing that would be of help as well....

All that being said any help or insight is very much appreciated and any and all ideas will be considered. Hoping to finally get the lighting on this beast working so it can be completely road worthy again.

Thanks in advance ?

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I bought 1 of those new (mine was a 74). Striped all lights, gauges,added a tq pipe and rode off road. I'd like to c a pic.

Now to your problem, unplug and replug All connectors in wiring. This sometimes fixes things. Open up all switches and clean with electro spray cleaner. Search eBay for a owners manual. Only thing I replaced on mine was a rectifier. 

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First check the grounding point(s) of the wiring harness and clean up any rust or paint. Same for the ignition coil. 

From the parts diagrams, your TS has the same wiring harness as several different models from '72 to '77. There are some TS wiring diagrams on the web, so start comparing them to your machine. I'd bet one of them will match.

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Yes, I forgot to mention grounds, anyway every connection, must be clean, I restore classic bikes,(mostly 70s,80s street), but it's all the same, I always unplug and plug all connectors, first thing, and repair any wiring that has benn rigged?   Might need to clean the flywheel ,stater,or armature contacts, whichever it has(can't remember, that thing got a battery?). All ts 250s were similar. Pic?

Mine was red. After bout 2 years, my local Suzuki shop informed me about a kit called a (Get Kit). It came with mx pipe, new cylinder(with different ports), and piston and gaskets. It was bout 250$( about 1/4 the cost of the bike in the 70s). A ridding buddies ordered 1,(we were already playing keep up with each other), so when he got his I ordered 1 also. Wow, what a difference, it bacisicly turned the TS into a TM, with a little more bottom, really woke up the top. I really liked my ts185 better than the ts250. In stock form bout the same power to weight, and the 185 seemed to handle better, at least it was 30ish lbs lighter when it got down? Really like to c a pic, brings back lots of fun memories?


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@85xr350rmx & @DaveCR Thanks for the replies guys. Any Ideas help.

First off here are some pictures for you guys.


Now onto the issue.....

* we have checked all connections and looked for possible grounds that are not properly grounded, but will go over all of the obvious stuff yet again to make sure we didn't miss anything. The proper wiring schematic would also help big time in verifying that we are actually locating and checking each and every spot/component that should be grounded as well as the wiring being correct.

From what I can tell it doesn't look like any previous owners hacked the wiring in any way and if they did its something so small I didn't catch it.

We have the Clymer manual for it but it doesn't include much in the way of electrical and has no wiring diagrams at all. I even called Suzuki directly to see if they had the wiring diagram.

Forgot to mention that it has a new OEM rectifier as well

Because Im not very great with electrical or understanding/imaging all the components working together in my head I'm having a hard time understanding how the components work or which ones I should test first and how to test them on say a multimeter which is why I would really like to get my hands on the proper wiring diagram.

As of right now our suspicions are leaning towards voltage regulator, or one of the magneto coils. So if you have any ideas off the top of your noggins that would pertain to or make sense that something like that could be the issue please share

The bike does have a 6 volt battery. 

Thanks again for the replies. Keep em comin!!! gotta get this thing lit up properly and not stalling out for those nice summer nights!!




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