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Problem and questions about SX85 engine

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I brought a SX85 in december, seller said it was a 2009 but later when I checked VIN number it's a 2004 

I was on the track this saturday, when it started to flush the coolant out of the overflow tube (It was hard to start before that), I took the top off and found this (Picture 1-3):

Is that normal that insert cracks, and why does it happens ?

How can I see sure that it's a 2004 engine (or a 2009)?, I can't get a cylinder head insert for the 2003-2006 engine. 
I will need cylinder head & insert from 2007-2012 model, is that correct? I can't use cylinder head insert from 2007-2012 alone in my 2004 cylinder head?

How can I see the difference and what is the difference the 1. generation and 2. generation SX85 engine (Picture 4-5).

Gratz Plexsica






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