Walden, CO. Memorial weekend

Just wanted to say our trip to the walden "dunes" over memorial weekend was a blast, was anybody else there? We had twelve bikes at our camp, and they all ripped, eventhough only two of us had 426's. Only one injury to my buddy, he ripped a nickle sized chunk out of his shin, and gashed it up real bad, you could see his bone...nasty! I'll try to post some pictures, but i am retarded when it comes to computers, so I might not figure it out.

ALSO: I miss the old thumpertalk, The new new white backround gives me a headache, and it seems like there's a lot more bickering on a lot of posts, primarily from EgoAhole, who sounds like he's about twelve years old. Let's not turn this site into a POS by posting stupid and immature things, just so you think you sound funny, tough, witty etc. because you are not any of those things.

I stil would like to set up a friendly Berthoud TT'r race day, lets see where we all stand!! Any SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY............!

Peace out, ride high!

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