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Hey sorry if this doesn't belong here. Its also a long one sorry bout that aswell.

Im rebuilding an Atomik Fury 250cc, and at the moment it doesn't have oil or fuel in it. It also doesnt have an air filter, but the plumbings done. 

Disclaimer: im not an electrical engineer.

I got in a wire harness kit and put it together as best I could. Some connecters were missing and wires in the wrong configuration so I had to redo some of them. So that could be an issue however they didnt seem damaged of crimped too badly (my mate had a tool for it) 

Two things happened 

1. When I put the negative terminal on the battery it arced. However the fuse hadn't blown, so I checked the wire to the solenoid and found the nut wasnt tightened. 

2. I tried again, it didnt arc. However once I flip on the switches and hit the button, nothing happened. No sound, nothing. I checked the continuity in the components and wires as thats all I really know how to do, but they all checked out. 

Im not sure if its right and wont start as it is or if i've &%$#@!ed it and need to redo it.

Batteries brand new. It may be a ground but im not sure. The battery earth is further back on the bike. I didnt ground to the engine case as im not sure where or how. Its been shoddily painted (not by me) though I did grind the ground points.

I can add pics of the bike or parts i've replaced if it would help. Dont have the old ones as it was stripped when I got it

Any helps appreciated thanks

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